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#RealityMoms Hits the NYC Toy Fair

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There really is nothing better than walking into a toy store to do nothing but play with your girlfriend!  That is pretty much what it’s like heading to Toy Fair in New York City every February.  As a travel, tech and toy ‘expert’ I have to stay up on the latest trends & hitting up top trade shows is the best way to do it!  Toy Fair is in the Javitz Center in NYC and thousands of hopeful toy companies pile in there for the week long event.

My friend Sandy and I hit the floor to find the latest and greatest in play for the day!  In this Toy Tuesday, Sandy and I visit the Just Play booth and rocked out with Minnie, The Lion Guard, Doc McStuffins and more!

Let’s break it down a bit more.  In this video we really hit up Disney and all the great Disney products that Just Play has on store shelves this holiday season.  Let your kids give their vets the latest in checkups plus play with Minnie and her adorable roller skates. And the Lion Guard?  Oh how we LOVE the Lion Guard movie – have you seen the fun toys out for your little cubs?

(Inside info:  The Lion Guard toy?  My 3-year-old’s #1 pick from our holiday gift guide that comes out next week!!)

May the holiday season COMMENCE!

Sofia the First

Sofia, an ordinary girl who becomes a princess overnight when her mom marries the king. The adventurous young girl, first introduced in the 2012 TV movie Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess, must learn how to adjust to royal life. Offering Sofia words of wisdom are classic princesses—including Ariel, Belle and Jasmine—who make special appearances as they help advise the youngster during her transition to royalty. Throughout her journey, Sofia learns that it isn’t having a title that imparts royal demeanor; it’s that having the characteristics of honesty, loyalty, compassion and grace make one worthy of the role.

Roller Skate Minnie

Super Roller-Skating Minnie When it’s time for a fun skate party, your little one knows exactly who to call! This Super Roller-Skating Minnie is ready to talk and sing to get the celebration in full swing. Her signature bow lights up with every beat of the energetic melody, inspiring kids to rock out along with her. When your child touches the oversize bow, he or she will be mesmerized as Minnie shows off her skating skills, performing forward and backward movements, twirls and even splits. Keep the fun times rolling with this Minnie doll!

The Lion Guard Training Lair Playset

The Lion Guard animated series continues the tradition of epic storytelling from The Lion King films. The series focuses on the adventures of Simba’s second child, Kion, and his Lion Guard team: the Pride Land’s fiercest, bravest, strongest, fastest, and keenest of sight. The Lion Guard’s adventures range from rescuing a tiny tree hyrax, to defending against raging floodwaters; from taking a stand against cruel crocodiles, to defending zebra herds from encroaching hyenas. And the Guard is always looking out for each other. Every episode of The Lion Guard features a winning combination of compelling stories, relatable characters, humor and heart.

PJ Masks Headquarters Playset

The Disney junior preschool series PJ masks follows the thrilling night time adventures of three young, six-year-old friends Connor, Amaya and Greg, who put on their pajamas, transform into their dynamic superhero alter-egos, Cat Boy, Owlette and Gekko, and activate their magical animal amulets.

There are so many fantastic new toys out this year! I was so glad to get to check them out first!

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