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Before We Were #RealityMoms: Our Weddings

Image courtesy @MyDishwashersPossessed

I loved my wedding. My husband and I had so much fun planning it and it was a great day. My favorite memory is that we got married by a duck pond, so of course, we had pictures taken by the pond. But where there are ducks there is, well you know, duck dirt. As we were walking back to the reception he stopped and got on his knees to clean off my shoes. All of sudden we both had a strange feeling and looked up and we saw all of these people who were dining at the restaurant we were having our reception at looking at us smiling and clapping. It was a sweet moment. At the end of March, we will be celebrating our 24 anniversary. It goes so fast!! (Kathy Radigan, My Dishwasher’s Possessed)

My wedding day was a beautiful disaster. So many little things went wrong that morning:
an unseasonable cold snap (when the ceremony was planned for outdoors and my dress was backless); pathetically limp flowers; table set up at in the reception not remotely matching the floor plan. The tables were the straw that burst my bubble. My bridesmaids watched in shock as months of my long distance planning with a “whatever, it will all be ok” attitude slipped away in a sea of profanity. Fortunately, my maid of honor talked me down, someone got me a mimosa, and it really was all good in the end. Of course, a 5-hour open bar may have helped all my frozen guests enjoy themselves! (Serendipity Indigo, Mother of Serendipity)

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I loved our wedding because we included the people and traditions that mattered most to us and ditched everything else. We had 65 people there, 25 of whom were under 14. We included our six everywhere, with an activity table, a word search, a scavenger hunt and a waffle station. It wasn’t perfect (Caden skipped the ceremony and our family photos fizzled), but it was perfectly us.  I also love this photo with the one-way sign in the background and us forging a different path in the foreground. Because I’m deep like that. (Kate Chapman, This Life in Progress)

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We got married at the park where we had our first date exactly 12 years later. We only had a $2K budget so our guests got sandwiches and Pizza Hut. (Tiffany O’Connor, #LifeWithBoys)

The septic tank overflowed and the caterers blew a fuse, causing the power to go out for a bit. The day was a ton of fun, but now that it’s been 14 years, my tastes have totally changed and I’d do it all differently… except the groom. I’ll keep him. (Jennifer Weedon Palazzo, MomCaveTV)

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I was so young. Just 20 years old. It was a bigger wedding made small by a winter storm and the pictures were so fun because of the snow. It was amazing. My entire family was part of the Mass. (Joy Hedding, Evil Joy Speaks)

I eloped in Vegas! We were dating 7 weeks when we got married. Our 12 year anniversary is this March 7th! And we 2 beautiful kiddos! (Dina Drew Duva, MomCaveTV)

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We were married in an intimate (14 people total) destination wedding in Savannah, Georgia. It was inexpensive, and I loved it. (Shannan Ball Younger, Between Us Parents, Chicago Now)

They misspelled my name on the ice sculpture. “Rhiannan” But my parents ended up getting it for free, so it seems worth it. (Rhiannon Giles, Rhiyaya)

My husband got deathly sick on our wedding day. After we said our vows, he puked on the altar. Had to go to the reception by myself. He was up in the room. The bridal party cut the cake and my brother took the garter off. Can’t make this stuff up. No wedding album cause who wants all pics of yourself. We have been married for 25 years! (Kathy Chlan, Unfiltered Mom)

 The #RealityMoms Team

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I remember standing in front of everyone and turning around and looking around at the atmosphere of where we were.  Here I was, 29 years old standing on the beach surrounded by 60+ friends and family.  On a small island named Key West.  (Joey Fortman, Founder, RealityMoms)

As my husband and I had both been married before, our wedding was a small, intimate affair with our immediate family and a couple of close friends. We had it in a castle that was converted into a restaurant, right by a lake. Although I was still walking with a cane and had a zipper cast, I threw it aside last minute and my children (three and five at the time) walked me up the aisle. My husband included promises to my children in his vows, and we both teared up. As we finished, my daughter said, “I have to poop!” which helped with the tears. (Lola Marguerita, Editor-in-Chief, Live by Surprise)

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We had a 3-day extravaganza at a resort near my in-laws’ family cottage, in Muskoka, Canada. The first night was an Indian celebration, and my husband and I surprised everyone with a Bollywood dance routine. The second night was karaoke and a bonfire under the stars, and then the Sunday morning was the wedding ceremony. It was in a field, and everyone was seated in the round. It was definitely on the expensive side, but completely worth it. Every detail was our choice. (Glynis Ratcliffe, RM Social Media Manager, The Joy of Cooking for Little A$$holes)

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