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35 #RealityMom Thoughts in the Starbucks Line

I’ve been in line at Starbucks quite often. I developed a habit back in college that I never seemed to kick. I love it so much I dedicated one of my Friday Faves to the mobile app. I was thrilled when Starbucks tweeted me back!

Yes, I’m aware this is odd.

Despite how often I go, I only order one drink—chai tea lattes. Only Starbucks can make them the way I like them. Seriously—I’ve tried others but I always come back to Starbucks. Often.

On one particular visit, I became keenly aware of all of things that I think about while I’m waiting in line. There were 35 to be exact.

  1. Yes, I got a good parking spot.
  2. It shouldn’t be too crowded.
  3. Ugh. Why is this line so long?
  4. Don’t people work?
  5. I hope the kids behave.
  6. Ooh—look at those cups.
  7. Starbucks always has the best cups.
  8. I bet it would help me drink more water if I bought one.
  9. I should drink more water.
  10. I should buy a cup. —“Can I have juice?”
  11. Starbucks—so smart for putting things eye level for kids. “No, you can’t have the juice”
  12. Great—does someone think I’m a bad mom because I said no to apple juice? —“Can I have a cookie?”— “No, you can’t have a cookie.”
  13. Maybe someone thinks I’m a good mom because I said no to the cookie.
  14. Mmm—cookies.
  15. If I get a cookie, I’ll have to give some to E.
  16. Sharing is overrated.
  17. Ugh—why am I always behind the person ordering Frappuccino’s for the whole office?
  18. Why isn’t there a special register for moms with kids?
  19. Why didn’t I mobile order?
  20. That woman just came from the gym.
  21. I should go to the gym.
  22. She looks cute in her Lulu Lemons.
  23. Ugh—Lulus are so expensive.
  24. I guess I could give up Starbucks for…$4 x 3 or 4 visits a week…hmm…that’s a lot of Starbucks in a month. — “No you can’t have a cookie.”
  25. If I stopped coming to Starbucks for a month I could buy a pair of Lulus.
  26. Nope, not giving it up.
  27. I’ll shop at Target instead.
  28. Man, I spend a lot of money here.
  29. Ooh—my turn!
  30. Oh gosh—she knows my order and my name. I just have to nod and smile!
  31. I don’t know if I should be happy or worried they know me that well.
  32. Ugh—all those Frappuccinos!!
  33. I order the easiest drink—just pump the chai and add the milk and then the ice!!
  34. Why does this take so long!?
  35. Ahh—chai tea. —“Alright, let’s go.”

Only ten more hours to bedtime…good thing we went to Starbucks!

But seriously—all of this in less than 5-minute time frame?! Thank goodness for caffeine! What goes through your mind when you’re in line at Starbucks…

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