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A Sneak Peak at #RealityMoms 2017

How was your year? I often wonder what happened in others’ lives when I see or hear them say “I’m so glad this year is over.” Personally, 2016 was the best and worst year I have ever had but honestly? I don’t have any desire to go back to what has been–because it’s not my #Reality anymore. It’s history and in order for history not to repeat itself, you have to be willing to change the future, right? I’d rather look forward, and give you a sneak peak at what we’ve got planned for this year.

There was one notable thing that happened in 2016: I started a community of women called #RealityMoms, who are changing the realities of motherhood.


Thank you for being here! Isn’t this an incredible place? I gotta tell you, I personally couldn’t have created this *thing* without the help of some incredibly patient and real women, though. I don’t want to call them out because I’m not sure that’s what they want but I’m sure you’ve seen them around.

OK though, my editor, Lola Marguerita—I can call her out cause she makes sure I don’t look like a buffoon when hitting publish on my posts. Man alive, where was Lola when I was swimming in TMI on my other site? Ha. She was meant to be right here.

You know what I learned by building the foundation for #RealityMoms? I learned that it takes a village to find yourself when you don’t know what you truly hope for. I also learned to try and always have patience. I know I wanted to jump over the moon when this thing launched. Maybe that’s why I wasn’t sleeping and my brain never kicked in correctly. I wanted everything to happen right then and right there. Eh. That’s not how it works friends. You have to have patience for what you really want in life. I’m hoping I can continue to be patient and look at things with a clearer vision. But we’ve got some great things planned this year!

A Sneak Peak at 2017

Tuckerton Seaport and Military Moms

I have high hopes though! A LOT can happen in a year, ya know! So what are the highlights planned? My friends at Tuckerton Seaport are back and this year we’re doing a Military Mom Salute in May where we have pregnant women whose partners are overseas join us for a special tribute to them. I honestly can’t imagine my husband missing the birth of my babies, can you? I’m sure it’s a lot to bear for a mother. So we’re going to *sprinkle* them with lots of love and LOTS of awesome baby products from some of our partners.

We’re also going to have a New Baby Gift Guide in late March. This one is the first one we’ve done in a couple years and it’s sure to be packed full of great products—if you’re pregnant, leave a comment with your due date! We’d love to keep in touch with you!

Gift Guides and More Gift Guides and *Giveaways*

And speaking of the New Baby Gift Guide, some other amazing expectations set for this year are our other gift guides: Summer Survival, Back to School and the #HotHolidayGiftGuide. With all that guiding we will have an insane amount of products to share with you and even more of them to give away!

#RealityMoms on Video

Videos galore! This year I’m hosting shows on other channels to help grow our own channel on #RealityMoms. You’ll see me a part of Kids Activities Blog and also hosting a show on their Facebook Page a couple times a week. What will I be talking about? Travel, tech and toys, of course! We’ll be visiting some cool destinations along the way and hopefully even doing some really fun series around our trips that involve our entire team. Many of them don’t do video but we’ll see. I have a way with motherhood persuasion! (And have you checked out our #ManCrushMonday yet??)

More From Our Amazing Team

Between that and our amazing team of writers, I think you’re really going to love what we’re doing. We hope that your year is YOUR year. We hope for you that you find peace wherever you are. We hope for you that your life is filled with abundance. And lastly, we hope for you that you are true to your reality! Parenting is not for the weak. It takes a village to be able to handle the good, the bad and the downright ugly. Know that we’re here for you. When you think you’re going to fall, join our community on Facebook and become apart of our realities as we’re here to help pick you back up.

Happy 2017! What do you hope for this year?

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