REALITY MOMS PARTNER: Summer Camps and Sports Saved for Snack Moms

If your house is anything like mine, you have kids running in and out and around town all day long. Am I right? I don’t get why we moms celebrate when our kids are out of school when in reality we have a bigger family workload. Between keeping them fed, entertained, healthy and moving all summer long I feel like I’m on perpetual hamster wheel. Personally, I was happy I didn’t have to pack a school lunch anymore. Oh wait. I spoke too soon. Sports and summer camps!

With our big move to California six months ago I knew things were going to be very different in our lives. What I didn’t expect was all the different sports, camps and activities kids have available to them. With all those opportunities come what every mom dreads: snack duty. Ugh!

Both of my boys played baseball in the spring and my oldest made the Little League All-Star team for the summer. As a snack mom for t-ball I was very concerned that I was going to make another kid sick by what I brought out for them to snack on. Our family is fortunate enough to not struggle through food allergies. However, my biggest fear is not being prepared for another kid. Heaven forbid they have a reaction by something I give them! Not on my clock mom friends. Besides, we’re new here. I want my kids to make friends as much as I want to make them for myself. Probably not a good outcome if I make one sick and a mother is not happy with my snack choices, right?

Of course, living in California, you have some really great opportunities for healthy living. I mean, my 10-year-old had gardening and compost class. Where else do kids do that? I love that he can grow a mean mint. Even though my sports loving kid wanted nothing to do with it in the beginning. (He would have rather had gym instead.) The good news is that he enjoyed it after all! Which told him to be more open minded. Go figure, right?

With all that being said, I knew I had to do my research on snacks that would be safe, healthy, affordable, and taste good for kids with allergies. The Snack-Mom-Gods were on my side. I recently got the opportunity to work with a snack brand called FreeYumm and my inner mom relief kicked in.

FreeYumm is an affordable, easy snack that actually covers the big 8+ major food allergens. They are school friendly and made in their dedicated bakery, so you know there is no contamination in the baking process. FreeYumm is make with real ingredients like ground flax, chia seed and freeze-dried fruits. They are individually wrapped with great portion sizes so you get that perfect snack in one little pack. Of course, FreeYumm has no nasty corn syrup or refined sugars. Plus whole oats, chocolate chips, bananas and raspberries you know you’re getting way more than you bargained for!

Speaking of which. Affordable was a key for me considering I had… ohhhhh… at least twice a week snack duty. Have you seen how growing, sweaty, hungry boys eat? Yeah. I couldn’t break my coffee habit with expensive snacks. FreeYumm has cookies and bars in their lineup. The bars have five in a box and the cookies have seven. There are four bar flavors to choose from. Honey apple oat, blueberry oat, raspberry chia and chocolate chip oat. Each box costs approximately $5.

The best part? The kids loved them. The moms loved them more. Did I mention the moms also loved me for being so considerate? Go Joey. Great way to kick off our coolness in California. Do yourself a favor and save stress on covering all the allergies. Who wants to hunt down every mom to see who has allergies and which ones? No mom has time for that. Grab FreeYumm and support a mom-owned company at the same time. The best place to grab them is on Amazon. Be sure to use the promo code FYIP2020 to get a whopping 20% off your first FreeYumm order! #SharetheYumm

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