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REALITY MOMS PARTNER: New Wireless Plan for Families

Can you believe it? For the last ten years, I have never switched wireless phone plans! I know. I know. A lot has changed in ten years and there’s a lot more out there now. When I had the opportunity to test out a brand new cell phone AND plan I jumped on it.

Republic Wireless is fabulous! I say this because I’ve been paying a crazy amount of money for wireless and have been getting just barely the data I need. It was great to see I could cut my bill in half and get a new phone. That’s a relief after having the same phone for ten years!

Taken with the MOTO phone by Republic Wireless

I decided to take the Moto X for a spin – literally! My family and I had a fabulous weekend roadtrip to the Jersey Shore where my kids got to test out the wireless plans for data and I got to make some calls to family.

The 3 Things My Family Fell in Love with from Republic Wireless

  1. While Republic Wireless has many great features I love, the one that’s the best is the price. Considering I currently pay over $150 a month just for the cell service their $15 a month plan had me say HELLO HAPPY! The highest price point plan is $90 a month with unlimited talk and text, unlimited wifi data — no contracts and no fees!
  2. Did you hear me say “No CONTRACT?” The most stressful time every couple years is deciding whether or not to continue with my current plan again. I always wonder WHY I pay so much and how I can potentially change up my plans. Now I know!
  3. It’s based off WIFI and connected to 4G LTE cell network only when necessary. That saves tons of money!

BONUS:  They have a Republic Anywhere app that I swore by on the trip.  The app allows you to sync your number to any device so you can get your text messages anywhere even when you aren’t near your phone. How many times have you been running around your house searching for your phone? It happens to me almost every day. It drives me nutty when I can’t find it but the app is perfect for that! Hello, stress free mornings!

MEGA BONUS FOR PARENTS: Do you have a kid who has a phone? I have a 9 year old and he’s been begging me for one. He loves this one so much I actually caught him sleeping with it! You have to check out the Republic Wireless family programming that I know will make your heart sing!  Parenting is tough enough.

Now that you know about a totally DIFFERENT cell service, give Republic Wireless a shot! Be sure to go here to get $20 off the Republic Wireless serviceTerms and conditions apply.

Thanks to Republic Wireless for sharing their great service with us. Connect with them here:
Hashtag: #SentWithRepublicWireless 
Twitter: @republicwirelss
Instagram: @republicwireless
Facebook: Republic Wireless

*Reality Moms is a proud partner with SheSpeaks and Republic Wireless.  All opinions are our own.


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