REALITY MOMS PARTNER: Motherhood is Not Nutty Enough

Ok, I admit it. Every once in a while I head to one of my favorite pharmacy convenience stores & scour the aisles just to waste time and take a break from my family. I know!  What kind of mom am I?! Seriously though. You’d be absolutely surprised what you’ll find spending time browsing!

One of my favorite neighborhood haunts is Rite Aid. Every single time I go in there I come out with either some cool, new decoration, new snacks, new cosmetics & even new shoes!  (I got the cutest shoes at a Rite Aid on a family vacation to Florida!) Most of the time I’m wasting time while my kids are doing a playdate, lesson or class.

Recently, I popped into Rite Aid and searched the snack aisle for something new. I came across Nut-Thins!  Have you heard of them? They are from the makers of Blue Diamond Almonds. They come in a ton of great flavors but the sweet tooth in me grabbed the Honey Cinnamon. YUM! Needless to say, there was no sharing allowed. (I mean, what mom doesn’t hide their goodies from their kids? ha!)

I came home and googled recipes with Nut-Thins. Of COURSE, I find a ton!  I’m not a cook. Or a real baker. I’m more of a spaghetti thrower and hope it sticks.  However, these recipes look tasty!  I highly suggest you try the same if you’re like me. I threw on some homemade strawberry cream cheese and that was fabulous on the Honey Cinnamon ones. Another great flavor that you can’t tell my kids. MARSHMALLOWS!!  Melted of course. It has a smores flavor to it. Toss on a chocolate piece too and you’ve got the real deal.

With the Big Game around the corner, you can always try some of the other chips with great dips. Another fave is the Hint of Sea Salt Nut-Thins. I live in San Francisco now and EVERYTHING is made with Avocado. Instead of a regular guac recipe, we layered slices of avocado and sprinkled with parmesan cheese. Again… FABULOUS!

What kind of recipes do you make for dipping?

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