REALITY MOMS PARTNER: Long Live Yogurt and Motherhood

When I was a kid growing up I didn’t ever eat yogurt. Honestly, I know it’s been around for a zillion years but it wasn’t something my parents introduced us to.  Fast forward and it’s something I can’t get my boys to slow down eating!  Ha. I know that’s truly not a *bad* thing.  But boy is it tough to keep it stocked in the fridge.  

When it comes to shopping for products for my family I tend to lean toward items that tell a story. Items that I know where they come from & where they are going. Yoplait is that latest family find & we’re totally loving their sweet taste! Yoplait definitely has a story to tell. Especially since it started in 1965. That’s a LOT of years! And the new packaging is great in our fridge.

Here’s what I learned about Yoplait. Ya know how they have the inverted cup look? Well it goes back to the French dairy farmers and the way they came together for the greater good. The inverted cup goes back to those French roots in how they make their dairy and cheeses. Yoplait was the first yogurt with a creamy texture to incorporate fruit mixed in. They believe in taking care of the environment by saving water, protecting dairy farmers, using the best quality fruit & so much more. That is exactly the type of groceries I want to give my kids!

I often pack a punch with my boys when I send them to school every year.  This year will be no exception!  I tend to do 99% of all the grocery shopping in the house and I could fill a cart up in seconds with the amount of yogurt I put in there!  My oldest loves the Strawberry Mixed Berry and my little dude is obsessed with Strawberry Peach flavored. I personally use the Strawberry and Peach flavor in all my morning smoothies.  It makes it so much easier!  And a little tip if you’re a smoothie lover – put the yogurt in the freezer so when you toss it into the blender it chills your drink!  

Is there something you put in your kids lunches that you love?  Do tell!




Thanks for checking out Reality Moms & our partnership with Yoplait, Wal-Mart and Acorn Influence. Motherhood is tough.  We love to make you tough enough with our favorite brands along the way!

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