REALITY MOMS PARTNER: Feed Your Family from the Couch

This is a sponsored post from our partner, Walmart.

There is this part of motherhood that you will never understand until you physically become one. The situations you get in are totally different as a parent. For instance, potty training. Who knew poop would become such a big part of your life. From birth you look at your kid and think of poop all the time. Motherhood is grand but sometimes it is brutal!

Back in 2008 when my oldest was born, so many times I would break down because I didn’t want to leave the house. I mean cause think about it. You lug that car seat, diaper bag & giant stroller and you’ve got an all-day ordeal on your hands! Not to mention the stress of being somewhere on time, dressed & not covered in yoga pants and spit-up. Impossible!

One thing I remember clearly was the dream of ‘other than pizza’ delivery services. You know things like toilet paper. Diapers. Wipes. Oh and hey how bout what I need for dinner tonight? Life would be so much easier!

Move in to the toddler years and you have a whole different drama on your hands. Taking your kids shopping WITH you? Oh. They can’t fit in the cart? Oh. Ok. HELP! That was the first time I knew I had to look into other alternatives for my shopping habits. Or give away my kids.

The baby years are one thing. At least you have the big possibility of them sleeping through the entire grocery trip. Once you have a human that knows how to use their feet, hands and voice? Yep. It’s that moment when you realized you really are a mom.

I’ll never forget the time I took both my boys to the grocery store. Alone. I thought no biggie this might be fun. It started out that way until one of them flipped four cartons of eggs on the floor. Oh, then the youngest who was determined not to sit in the cart decided to run through it then rub eggs all over his body. But I digress. I have to, otherwise I’m going to break out in hives reliving that situation.

Groceries are an utmost sense of insanity if you don’t get the opportunity to shop alone. But it’s also brutal when you have to work all day only to return home and hit up the store to make dinner. By the time you shop & get dinner done? Everyone wants to eat your arm off. Am I right?

I have the cure to the shopping cart blues. Use Walmart Online Grocery Pickup! Fabulous. You order online, pull up to the store and a personal shopper brings everything to you and loads it in the car with a smile. No stress. No pulling the baby car seat out. No screaming for candy toddler. No stress!

There is only one thing better than valet groceries. That’s a discount on groceries from Walmart pickup! Give yourself a break and use code WOWFRESH to get $10 of your first order. (And girlfriend, take that $10 and get yourself a mani when you need that next stress free day!)

What is the #1 grocery you can’t buy enough of in your family? Mine is juice boxes. #HoldMe

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Walmart. The opinions and text are all mine.

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