Top 7 Must Haves for Modern Motherhood

The Reality of Military Motherhood

I often think about my parents before they had me and the life they lived when my older sister was little and the only crazy girl in the house.  I think about the realities my mother had to experience when my father was in the military. She had my older sister when my dad was deployed.  I can’t even imagine the fear she may have had that my dad just may not make it back.

I’m so glad he did.  Because I wouldn’t be here today if he didn’t.

The weekend of Armed Forces Day I had the distinct pleasure of spending the day with amazing women from the #RealityMoms Community who are proud ambassadors to Tuckerton Seaport in Tuckerton, New Jersey.  Tuckerton Seaport has been a long time partner with Real Mom Media and this year they are thrilled to have a team of ambassadors backing them up with their awesomeness. (If you’ve never been, here are some tips – Pirate Fest is a huge hit.  Truckerton brings out the best in food trucks.  The one in August is all farm to table fare!  Yum, right? Plus many other great festivals throughout the summer & into the fall and winter.)

Nearly 25 pregnant women came out for the event.  All but one!  That one?  She went into labor the NIGHT before the event!  The cool part was that a couple who attended knew the couple well and they were able to bring their gifts to them personally.  What an awesome community at the joint MaGuire-Dix-Lakehurt base in New Jersey! Each pregnant attendee was gifted with an awesome bag from Baby Be Hip filled with AWESOME swag!

Many, many thanks to our outstanding and giving partners of this fun event!

Top 7 Must Haves for Modern Military Motherhood (And Every Mom in Between)

JOOVY: Our favorite STROLLER & HIGH CHAIR brand donated the great BIG prizes. (The easiest to clean high chair on the planet.  The softest strollers and the best BOOBS!)

TERVIS:  Every pregnant mom-to-be needs something sassy & fun to drink all the water they can to help out their bathroom visits so our friends at TERVIS donated the COOLEST cups on the planet!  The quote is “United by LOVE – Divided by DUTY”.

KALOO: Looking for the softest, most amazing stuffed animal for your new babe?  Kaloo is the softest on the planet!  (Just ask my friends.  They grabbed one for themselves!)

PEOPLE TOY COMPANY: It is always a test to find great small toys for your new baby. You want them to be educational but you also want them to be fun too.  People Toy Co does ALL of that!  Thie fun and educational baby & children’s lifestyle brand is perfect for any new mom in the know.  Not to mention, Reality Moms believe this is the time to nurture the unplugged play fun with your little one!  Here are a couple of our absolute favorites!  The Baby Yoga Exercise Ball is awesome!  Nothing like getting the baby in the downward diaper – wait – the downward dog!  The Push & Pull UFO is a ton of fun. I mean, who wouldn’t want to play with a UFO!

MOTHER NURTURE:  You know you have an awesome baby brand when they have water and chocolate!  They taste yummy too!  Although, I have a confession to make.  A dear friend of Reality Moms, Maria Bailey introduced us to these tasty treats…and we’re not even pregnant! Eh. We all need more folic acid, ya know.  Pick some up and treat yourself, sisters.  You’re making a human!  You deserve it!

SOPHIE LA GIRAFE: I can assure you EVERY SINGLE mom knows about Sophie.  EVERY one of them. And if they don’t?  Send them this list of must haves!  Sophie is truly the most beloved teether since 1961!  This little baby gem is one of a kind.  From three months on, Sophie stimulates all five senses!  From the dark spots for visual stimulation to the sound of Sophie and the soothing of her when teething. Do you love Sophie yet?  We do!

BABY BE HIP:  We are exceptionally in love with Baby Be Hip at Reality Moms.  Colleen Mook IS a Reality Mom and Founder of this amazing baby company.  Personally, she creates all the amazing buckets that Reality Moms sends out to our partners but she also is our favorite go-to brand for baby gifts within our community! From personalized burp clothes to onesies, bags, beach buckets and more.  Baby Be Hip is made with love locally.  So go gift some babies already, would ya?!?!


WATERPURA:  If you don’t think you need baby wipes we’re here to tell you that you are OUT of YOUR MIND!  They are without a doubt a lifesaver.  Just wait till you have a blowout girlfriend.  You’ll be thanking us for the tip!  The best part of Waterpura is that they are “mom-made”.  Emily Frazer, the founder of Waterpura created the product with determination to make them chemical free baby wipes especially for babies with sensitive skin. (Psst.  Here’s a tip though. Do NOT buy a wipe warmer.)

Thank you to all our partners with our #RealityMoms presents the Military Mom Salute hosted by our friends at Tuckerton Seaport.  The day was amazing and filled with lots of love!  (Oh—and LOTS of hormones too!)

“Being able to answer questions and share some real talk with new parents and parents-to-be is always a privilege. As a second generation military brat, I understand the special challenges that face military families. That’s just one reason why it was an honor to be a part of this special salute & “sprinkle” on Armed Forces Day at Tuckerton Seaport. Wonderful people, a fantastic luncheon, in a truly special setting.” ~ Sarah from Mother of Serendipity

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