Rainy day activities

Super Fun Rainy Day Activities for Kids

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Hey all!

Back from a fast trip to Cape May where I got to spend sometime with my favorite tv mom in my favorite mom getaway place! We went to Cape May and Congress Hall.

I went down on Sunday because the thought of driving to Cape May from Philly at 4am wasn’t gonna cut it. Not to mention—I don’t need a big excuse to get out of town and head to my happy place!

Congress Hall and Cape Resorts Group has fantastic things to do with families for the holidays of course—but what about you who are stuck at home and we’re getting rain?

Got some GREAT ideas for you to do with the kids!


We love this brand for many reasons. I’m obsessed with the subscription services. Totally. But this was one that came across my review desk and I’ve loved it since meeting it! My brick loving almost seven-year-old loves it too. Get a monthly subscription delivered to your door from Brickloot!

The Storybook Game

The Storybook Game from Ideal® is sure to be a hit at family game night! It’s a card game of tall-tale telling fun! In this memory game, children create a different story each time they play. The story develops one card at a time! This game is excellent for challenging kids’ creativity and improvisation skills! This fun card game comes in a lunch box tin, making it easy to transport to picnics, family game nights, camping trips, and more! Designed for two or more players, ages four and up!

Scavenger Hunt

Scaventure Kids™ brings the fun of exploring into one great big party game. Find out who can come back to home base with the most activities completed. Find a fossil rock, or a sticker or a banana. Scaventure Kids has it all, whether playing with just two kids or in a large group. The fun and excitement never ends and the creativity will always be rolling. This is a great game for kids ages seven and up and is designed to be played with two or more players.

3D Sidewalk Chalk and Yarn Storming Machine

Make your own fun & colorful sidewalk chalk! Yes, this is for FUN outdoors… but you gotta MAKE the chalk inside, right? The Airbrush T-shirt maker  is awesome! The Yarn Storming Maching is seriously a throwback for me! I loved making yarn creations as a kid and Thames and Kosmos does a great job bringing it back around!

Little Live Pets and Baby Bird

These are the new birds on the block with Little Live Pets! I love the ‘mom and baby bird feeding! The owl mama and baby are amazingly fun for kids of all ages.


This is the product that I wish I would have thought of myself! Playtape by InRoad Toys is the perfect on the go/rainy day product out there! Just rip off some tape, put it whereever and let your kids go to town! Literally!

Skechers Game Kicks

These are the HOTTEST shoes on the block! The day that we got these in to test out the neighbor kids were sooo jealous! The Game Kicks are the new interactive kids shoe by Skechers that doubles as an electronic memory game! With over 68,000 combinations – your kids are SURE to have their brains full! They come in both boy and girl!

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