Rainy day activities

Rainy Day Activities With Kids on #Fox29 Philly

Looking for rainy day with kids’ ideas? Check out Joey Fortman on Fox 29 Philadelphia!

Ohhhhh if you really knew what goes on OFF camera.  Seriously?  I die every time.  Especially when I have my kids with me. Live TV is the best thing in the world.  Remind me to tell you about the time my then four-year-old peed his pants on the exact same station. Or maybe… the time when he ate gold plated Oreos and went to school with a gold tooth.  Oh—but this one.  Orrrrrrrr the time I nearly flipped it when I told him I’d die if he opened the garage during live tv.  (It is a WAR zone in there.  I work from home – what can I say?!?  Shipping, testing…..it’s all got to go somewhere! #NoJudgement)

I have no idea what I was talking about.  Ok, so if I can be so real as to share with you what I deal with in the NOW four-year-old range.  Here is one… Hudson was giving his big brother serious trouble off set. Lucky you I watched and see that they totally missed it. (Thank you LORD.)

SO… here is an awesome preschool class that rocked Philly on Fox 29 this a.m.

Thanks to my dear friend Jennaphr Frederick who has had me on so many times over the years!  I feel like I’m part of their family!

I know, back to the humility for Hudson.

So, check out his *honest* side after mom called him off his high horse.

And dear heavens this isn’t about me!  I honestly begged Jenn to let me keep my kids off as they get a crazy amount of air time….but she liked the sibling side.

So, let me introduce you to the talented Miss Amy & family!  (Miss Kaitlyn not present.)  What a natural!

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