crazy melting snowman on a winter beach

A Frigid New Year Tradition: The Polar Bear Plunge

Who doesn’t like the beach? Well, you’d think that most people wouldn’t like it quite so much just after the gorging that is the winter holidays…especially when there is still snow on the sand.  Did you know that some countries celebrate the new year by taking a Polar Bear Plunge? That’s right! A quick dip in frigid ocean or lake water is popular in countries like Canada and the United Kingdom and the Netherlands and it’s starting to take over in a few American states. People take the plunge into frigid water as a symbolic event to memorialize the coming of a new year. And while some people aren’t quite ready to make the plunge, they make an annual trek to watch the plungers on New Year’s morning!

Along with the #3Moms team of Kim Marco Pirrella and Tina Tupponce LaMorte, #RealityMom Joey Fortman took did a Polar Bear plunge for #NickMom during Spring Break 2014. Joining the Coney Island Polar Bear Club (who also do a New Year’s plunge for charity), the #3Moms went for a nice winter swim. It was a beautiful day…with the exception of the frigid temperatures. While the moms suggested that they were not “butt-ready” and worried about messing their hair, they were great sports and ran right in after a little bit of extra cheer. And they certainly had the opportunity to clear their heads. Can you guess who was the first one out of the water? Watch the video and enjoy!

Did you celebrate the New Year with a Polar Bear Plunge? Or were you just a spectator?

Either way—wishing you all the best for the New Year from #RealityMoms.

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