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#FuegoBox: The Perfect Gift for Father’s Day

Buying gifts for my husband has always been a struggle. For the first few years I only had to worry about coming up with really good gift ideas for his birthday and Christmas – but now Father’s Day is added to the mix.

And I never know what to buy him.

Mother’s Day ads are straight to the point: give mom a day off with a massage or breakfast in bed. It’s all about taking the everyday stresses off mom and letting her get pampered. But for Father’s Day the ads are focused on experiences and gifts my husband would hate. No, he doesn’t want to go fishing or attend a motrocross event. He doesn’t need a tool belt or a tie for his work-from home job.

On his first Father’s Day, I tapped out of the game pretty early and just gave into the generic Father’s Day gifts – a coffee mug with my daughter’s photo on it, a nice shirt and tickets to a chili and hot sauce cook-off. He really enjoyed the cook-off—so score one for me.

The next year I focused on giving him something he’d want that was not necessarily tied to Father’s Day—a relaxing lounger that he had been eyeing and a day out at the cook-off (again) and a new grill.

Three years into this whole Father’s Day gift giving exercise and I think I’ve finally nailed it: the key to my husband’s heart is food, spiciness (which makes sense, I am Mexican) and relaxation.

Which makes the Fuego Box the perfect gift idea for my husband. As a full-time working mom, my time is valuable. Trying to find time to drive to various stores to pull together an assortment of hot sauces that I know my husband will love is not practical—especially with two little kids. Plus I’m not a cook and know absolutely nothing about which sauces combine to make for mouthwatering flavors or cause a gag reflex.

Luckily the Fuego Box does all the hard work for me.

My husband is always looking for ways to add flavor to the week’s meals because he cooks for a family of four with differing flavor palettes. My girls like everything bland, I enjoy spicy (but not too spicy) and my husband likes heat in all his dishes. Luckily, the box offers sauces with a mix of heat intensities and dynamic tastes. Fuego includes an assortment of hot sauces ranging from a hot honey chili, a dry hot sauce to chili oil and other flavors that are bound to create some tasty meals.

It took a few hit-or-miss gift giving attempts but I’ve finally figured out what gifts my husband will appreciate receiving on Father’s Day. And they’re nothing close to what is advertised in commercials.

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