Pack a Punch with School Lunch

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Here we are in either the first (or second, depending where you live) month of school. The summer rocked at the beginning and turned into a “get them out of here” ending in our house, of course. Why is that? Shouldn’t we be thrilled that we got the time to spend with our kids? I know why it’s painful for me. Two words. SCHOOL LUNCHES. My nine-year-old, Boston used to always eat school lunches. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches all the way! They were the store bought kind so easy peasy.

However, I suppose he either got sick of them or he loved my cooking. (Well…the second option is unlikely considering I barely cook hot dogs these days.) But he said he loves it when I do it for him. Therefore, I’m in!  Every day I struggle with what I plan to make. The biggest struggle is getting something for the kid to drink that won’t get him in trouble. (Bounce off the walls in class kind of trouble!)

Let me share with you my ignorance on packing lunches.

I toss in EVERYTHING. From yogurt to chips. To candy. I KNOW! Bad mom to the core!

So I did what every not so intelligent mom would do.

I googled it.

7 Ways to Pack a Punch in Your School Lunch

  1. If you’re lost for ideas and want to win mom of the year – go visit  Beware: You might feel like a Pinterest failure trying their ideas!
  2. Don’t sweat the small stuff. I have a serious problem getting my kids out of the snack cage because those individual glossy packages are so enticing! Therefore I buy the BIG bags and put them in ziplock bags. You go moms that fool the cool kids.
  3. Don’t pretend to be something they’re not. Oh yeah. This is a biggie. I’m not going to pack a big lunch filled with carrots and broccoli. I mean, I don’t want the kid to starve ya know! Pack what your kids will eat—not what you  *hope* they would eat.
  4. There are never too many cookie cutters. Girlfriend, if all else fails, slap a cool cookie cutter on it. What kid wouldn’t want to eat the head off of Yoda!
  5. The apples don’t fall far from the tree.  My son ALWAYS comes home with an uneaten apple. He claims he didn’t want it to get stuck in his teeth. Really, kid? So, I cut the apple with one of those apple do-hickies then put a rubber band around it to keep it together. BOOM. This mom rules.
  6. Hide your snack station. I affectionately call it a cage but to each his own!  I have to hide the dang thing because they’ll munch on it till it’s gone. Then I have to go to the abyss of hell: ie – the grocery store. Also, by hiding it the snacks become a surprise at lunchtime! Works every time.
  7. Pack a punch with Fruit Punch.  Call it product placement. Cause it IS!  But although Fruit Shoot is a #RealityMoms partner, I can assure you kids will LOVE these. I know mine do.  Their new Fruit Punch flavor is seriously tantalizing to their tastebuds. And if you’re one of those moms that prefers non-sugar-added? They have three to choose from!

Now get motherly in the lunch room you slacker! (I’m talking to myself again. Dang.)

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