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Oh No!! It’s Time for Back To School!

Some moms really look forward to the time of year where the pencils hit the paper and kids with new school clothes and almost empty backpacks jump on shiny school buses to head back to school. We asked our favorite #RealityMoms which part of back to school they dread the most. Here’s what they said:

Making the lunches! It’s time to make the lunches! (Dina Drew Duva, Mom Cave TV)

Not having my kids around all day, because I love and cherish them every single moment HAHAHAHAHAHA JUST KIDDING, I CAN’T WAIT. (Glynis Ratcliffe, Writer)

Homework. (Jen Gregory, The Runaway Mama)

All the paper work! Physical forms, dental exam forms, vaccination record, emergency contact info, logins for various “We’re eco friendly so you think it’s not paperwork” (but it’s still paperwork even though it’s online), school supply lists, lunch account updates, parent-teacher forms, fundraising forms, forms asking for the blood of a virgin… (seriously, that last one would not surprise me!!) (Lynne Getz, Like A Mother)

My son will just be going back to preschool, but it’s a co-op, so we have to help get All. The. Stuff. ready. It goes double because my husband’s the facilities manager, so he has to lead every single clean-up day. I’m soooo looking forward to having him gone for a bunch of Saturday mornings. (Shannon Brescher Shea, We’ll Eat You Up, We Love You So)

My daughter is starting her sophomore year of high school and the bus comes around 6:30 a.m. She gets up on her own, but I like to wish her a good day and see her off. I’m not a morning person and am dreading the early wake ups. (Shannan Ball Younger, Between Us Parents)

We’re starting a new school in September. I can’t wait until the new staff meets my ex-husband. (That was sarcasm…) (Lola, Live by Surprise)

Getting three kids dressed in the morning. Also this year all three of my kids will be at the same school. I wish ALL teachers the best of luck. I’m hoping they don’t misbehave. (Cheri Ann Voigt, Three Musketeers)

If I may add another…I’m dreading the fact that my three children will be in three different schools this year. Oldest in middle school, middle in elementary, youngest at a private kindergarten (because our district only does half-day). The school schedule coordination is giving me hives. (Lynne Getz, Like A Mother)

I actually dread the routine, early mornings and the fact my daughter has to be in the same spot for the next 10 months. Summer sleep ins on days off, spontaneous hiking days, summer camps and warm weather is way better (Kathryn Ahmad, KathrynAnywhere)

ALL of it! Homework, having a schedule, me going back to work, needing to worry about bedtimes and waking up sleeping kids, school supplies, and of course the annoying what should I wear today? (Sara Lafountain, Cook with Five Kids)

Right now I’m dreading the fact that this will be the first year my 3 kids will be in 3 different schools. My youngest, who has special needs, is especially concerned since his big bro won’t be there with him as he’s starting middle school while he’s still in grade school. I’m hoping and praying for a smooth transition. (Tonia L. Clark, WhyNotMom)

We feel you moms. We feel you.

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