3 Things Not To Do On Periscope

Are you on Periscope?

You TOTALLY should be!

This year I have set myself up for a big, fat, slap of reality. Reality in every direction of my life. From family to friends, business, neighbors, all of it. Even you. My dear 5 friends that still come back here in hopes of getting the REAL Joey to return. You have all made it abundantly clear that I have to step out from behind a keyboard and in front of the truth. So, that is what I’m doing. I’m going to #LiveMyTruth. I won’t always call myself out—but if I do—it will be visual. Instagram or on Periscope. Mainly Periscope because I believe wholeheartedly in authenticity. And hiding behind a computer screen really stifles the authenticity of the person in front of it. So, living the truth.

My friend Cindy Simmons and I are on a journey of self-discovery. Living life out loud. And using it as a sense of accountability for ourselves. Starting this month you will find #RealityMoms on Periscope with our #RealMomScopes Show. Yes, I know. How do you have a duo titled with a hashtag? Lame, right? Nope. Brilliant. And we’re sharing why in our show so WATCH US!!! lol

Ok, aside from that entirely shameless plug—let’s talk about the popular P place.

Three Things NOT to do on Periscope

Don’t scope the Pope.

WHAT? Yeah. Not necessarily the Pope but important people in your life. Don’t do it UNLESS you have 100% gotten them signed off on broadcasting them. **You can rip them in your blogs but a PUBLIC, LIVE broadcast? Eh…NO. Be the bigger person. (Don’t rip them in your blog either unless it’s a subtle and no one knows. Ahem.)

Notice that I’m NOT saying that you should do it. I am saying, if you DO know the people in your scope then, by all means, let them know ahead of recording. And don’t get mad if they shoot you down. It’s their life truth too. But pissing off a family member is NOT worth the scope session. Promise.

Don’t cuss

I know. I find myself cussing. A LOT on Periscope. In fact just today, a guy was harassing me and I blurted out to him to go f*ck himself. Oh yes. Classy of me, I know. I do it because I KNOW my mother is not watching it. Cause she would have disowned me by now. But that is a BAD thing. I am now going to act as if my mother IS watching it. So mind your manners, Joey. And you too who grabs that scope time. Think about it as if ‘What would I NEVER do in front of my mother’ and then LIVE it. At least in your live broadcast. **Editors NOTE: She IS watching it. Game over.

Don’t lie

Don’t lie to yourself. Your viewer. Your mother. Just #LiveYourTruth. If you think you need some accountability – go there! I find myself opening up a LOT when I’m on Periscope. Sometimes more than should be – but it’s a work in progress. But honesty is the best policy for sure!

But at the end of the day – all about REALITY! Be REAL. Authentic.

***Drops the scope-mic.

This post originally appeared on RealMomMedia on October 28, 2015.

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