LAS VEGAS - JAN 08 : The LG booth at the CES show held in Las Vegas on January 08 2017 CES is the world's leading consumer-electronics show.

New with LG at #CES2016 #LGMomCES

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I had no clue that LG had so many incredible products coming out this year!  And…I only knew that LG had phones so to see all the life changing products hitting the market—an eye opener to say the least!  Let’s just start with the sexiest—eh—prettiest of products for every household.

The LG Robotic Vacuum Cleaner: Hom-Bot Turbo+

I can give you the scientific explanation or I can give you the real mom meaning.  Let’s just put it out there…. A VACUUM CLEANER THAT CAN CLEAN THE HO– USE ITSELF!  Yes!  This vacuum functions by scanning the room with the eyes on the vacuum and then they know where to go & what to clean. The smart feature is called Home-Joy and it allows consumers to issue instructions to the vacuum by designating areas that need extra cleaning by using the camera of a smartphone.  Their trademarked ‘triple eye’ camera sensor records the area tracking where it already cleaned.

All of this sounds incredible right?  My question is – does it come with a cabana boy?

Gizmo Gadget and Gizmo Pal2

The wearables are all the rage these days and after spending a week at CES – I can assure you I’m SERIOUSLY considering one for myself AND my kids!  LG has delivered a round #2 for the Gizmo Pal.  Wearables for kids totally can take the place of that device that you are mad at yourself for giving them!  (Ok, so that is my house—but maybe you can relate! lol)

The Gizmo Gadget is the Gizmo Pal ‘bigger sibling’.  This is a product available with Verizon Wireless so swing into your local store to hear more!

LG Twin Wash Laundry

I am so in love with this new item I might CRY!  ha.  Actually, maybe not – but it’s definitely a life saver for many moms out there!  And potentially after ours just crashed while I was in Vegas – I might really be thinking about buying one of these.

Get this.  A washing machine that can clean 2 loads at once AND it comes with a remote control!!!  INSANITY I tell ya!

My fave is the washer by far.  But to know that they do so many other things outside of phones and TV’s I’m dying to learn more about the brand!

What is your dream LG product?

This post originally appeared on Real Mom Media on January 14, 2016.

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