#RealityMoms: My Pregnancy Was So Bad…

Pregnancy is almost always pictured as a time when some “glow” and eat healthy salads while their husbands wait on them hand and foot. #RealityMoms called BS – we asked them to tell us how bad their pregnancies got.

My pregnancy was so bad, that even though I had a C-section, and later had complications from the C-section, I still felt 100% better the minute my beautiful daughter was out!! (Kathy Radigan – My Dishwasher’s Possessed)

My pregnancies were so bad those little [guys] didn’t want to come out just to spite me. I’ve been 41.5 weeks pregnant 2x. Let that sink in for just a moment. (Kate Buckholtz Berrio – I Hold Your Heart)

My first pregnancy was so bad I was on bedrest for the last four months of it. In 1994. Before the Internet. In the summer. My second pregnancy was pretty fantastic until I went into labor 7 hours before we were due to show up for closing on the house we were buying. I typed up powers of attorney, found a notary and people to go to closing for us, all while in labor at 3 am, then had to talk to the realtor the whole time I was trying to give birth. We were staying at my MIL’s house waiting to close so I was highly motivated to get it done haha! I don’t even want to discuss the third! (Jennifer Russell – Jen’s a Little Loopy)

My pregnancy was so bad, I vomited everyday (41 weeks and 6 days to be exact) including my entire labor, only to have my tailbone fractured by my 9 lb. baby as she made her emergency exit into the world. I used my Boppy as a butt-donut for the first 4 months of her life. (Jorrie Varney – Close to Classy)

My pregnancy was so bad that it tried to kill me, my baby was two months early, and my blood pressure wasn’t normal for six months postpartum. (Rhiannon Giles – Rhiyaya)

My pregnancy was so bad, all four times, I puked for nine months straight AND two weeks post-delivery because my body hates hormones. (Steena Hammer – The Angrivated Mom)

My pregnancy was so bad I got hemorrhoids that made it impossible to sit. I had to see my regular doctor, who looked at my butt and promptly sent me to see a surgeon. The surgeon had 2 interns that day and asked if it was ok if they were in there and had a look. It was a magical day full of laughter, butt jokes and well, humiliation. I left, being told how bad they were but they couldn’t remove them due to my advanced stage of pregnancy. (Heather LeRoss – Tipsy Tiaras)

My pregnancy was so bad because of high blood pressure and then I broke my ankle falling down the stairs 7 days before a planned c-section. I had to use a commode!! (Becci Nicholls – Swords and Snoodles)

My pregnancy was so bad every day was like a high school reunion. With my lunch. (Alison Telford – Sparkly Shoes and Sweatdrops)

My pregnancy was so bad…I gained 80lbs, so I ended up looking like Sponge Bob Square Pants. I’m 5’4″, my body shape wasn’t pear, it was square. (Darla Halyk – New World Mom)

My pregnancy was so bad that I went into labor 3 1/2 weeks early – while I was in the middle of doing an interview with NASA. It had probably started before the interview, but I wasn’t quite sure because the contractions were so irregular. My son was born 2 1/2 hours after the interview ended, less than 15 minutes after I got to the hospital! (Shannon Brescher Shea – We’ll Eat you Up, We Love You So)

My pregnancy was so bad…I had an emergency C-secion in a Turkish hospital. (Margaret Özemet, Writer)

My pregnancy was so bad…when I was pregnant with my twin boys that I couldn’t reach my arms around my enormous belly and my toddler daughter could hide underneath it! It squished all my inner bits and lungs so terribly that I couldn’t take a deep breath the last few weeks and had to sleep upright. It was so darn hot and I was so darn pregnant – I remember the radio announcer saying it was ‘the hottest summer since 1969’! I took about 5 baths a day just to relieve the discomfort and beat the heat. And I carried those dudes full term until I finally begged to be induced at 38 weeks. And suddenly I had 3 kids under 2. (Joan Chand’Oiseau – MaddWorld)

My last pregnancy was so bad that I didn’t know I was in labor for two days until I went in full blown labor and ended up having my daughter 21 minutes after arriving to the hospital. Talk about luck! (Cheri Ann Voigt – Words Unspoken

My pregnancy was so bad, I weighed less the day before I delivered than the day I started. (Liv – Live by Surprise)

Tell us in the comments – just how bad was your pregnancy?

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