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What your Mom Wants for Christmas

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We thought we might give Dad a head start on his Christmas list this year. We asked our #RealityMoms team what they wanted for Christmas.

So mom? What do you want for Christmas?

A Roomba with scrubbing action. It might not work as good as an actual mopping but I never get to an actual mopping, so it’s better than nothing. (Jennifer Wheedon Palazzo, Mom Cave TV)

A year of haircuts and colors. (Joy Hedding, Evil Joy Speaks)

I told my husband he cannot get me anything. See… Last year my husband got me a gift certificate for multiple spa massages. When I finally went for this first one, 10 months later, I decided to use the gift certificate as a down payment on a year subscription…when my husband was asking about gifts for this year, I confessed! (Serendipity Indigo, Mother of Serendipity)

All I want for Christmas is a nice little desk to set up an office area somewhere in my house so I have a peaceful place to go write at—where it’s blatantly obvious that I’m working and not just playing on my laptop waiting to be bothered with a million requests. (Steena Hammer, The Angrivated Mom)

A housekeeper, because no matter how hard I try I can’t seem to juggle this thing called parenting while working from home AND keeping a clean house. My kids have a few chores, but they also have homework and activities that are important too. Heaven forbid if mom gets sick. It’s like ‘Lord of the Flies’ here. lol! For those who know the secret of juggling it all and keeping your home clean, please share your magical ways. *Le Sigh* (Tonia Clark, Why Not Mom)

A new washing machine, mine has been broken for 10 days! (Sara LaFountain, Cook with 5 Kids(Editor’s note – we’ll put in a good word with Santa, Sara…)

I want a trip to Hawaii—which I am getting—after 14 years away! (Kiley Smith, Cherry Blossoms the Blog)

I feel silly writing this because this is the most frivolous, waste of money but I want the pretty little bow bracelet from Tiffany’s. (Heather LeRoss, Tipsy Tiaras)

I want a little peace and quiet. I know, it’s huge, but a girl can dream can’t she? (Kathy Radigan, My Dishwasher’s Possessed)

I want a professional organizer to tackle our garage(s) and put in good storage solutions. I’m so sick of the chaos that is sitting, unchanged since we moved to Texas from Illinois (where we had a huge attic and basement) two years ago. (Jennifer Beldon, Momma on the Rocks)

I’d like a weekend at an inn with a deep soaking tub, a fireplace, good food, and a good book, oh and the hubby, of course. (Sharon Silver, Proactive Parenting)

A third bedroom. Maybe a fourth bedroom. Two bedroom house for a family of four is getting out of control. (Kristi Pahr, Free Spirit Mama)

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