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Mom Radar is Real and It’s Freaking Me Out

Mom radar is real and it’s freakin’ me the fudge out.

I know it sounds a bit tongue in cheek, but I swear my child has some sixth sense that tells her I’ve stepped into the shower and gotten fully lathered, sat down on the couch and looked too comfortable, or crawled into bed and snuggled under the covers.

My baby (and she’s not even a baby, she’s almost two) wakes up EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I do one of those things.

With absolutely no exaggeration, my husband tells me the other night—the one night I go out with some lady friends and have one glass of wine —that the sweetie didn’t move a wink while I was out. And guess what the little booger did when I walked back through the door and sat down on the couch? Yup, she woke right up—that’s what she did.

Maybe it’s my beautiful stench from not having showered or the child snot that glosses over me daily by one of my three children — but somehow and someway she is in tune with my presence.

How can us exhausted mommas combat our kids’ mom radar??

Here’s what I’m gonna try:

Showering daily. Hopefully, that should help. Or, at least it (not I) should please the hubby more.

Not responding to every single whine and whim. Because good moms try to set the right example that life is not about immediate gratification, right? If I stop responding, maybe she will stop requesting me every single moment.

Pretending like I don’t understand the requests being made of me. This one is just fun. Maybe if I act confused about what my children want, they will just give up on it or do it for themselves. Likely to be accompanied by a lot of tantrums.

Hmm…the more I think about this, I’m not sure how effective it will be. I have a feeling that my children’s mom radar, and especially the baby’s, is here to stay. Maybe I’ll just work on the showering more part as a quick win for everyone.

Crap, I guess that’s the end of this post because I am being beckoned once again.


This post originally appeared on jThreeNMe. It has been reprinted with permission.

Nicole Merritt is a mother of three and the Owner and Founder of jthreeNMe, an imperfectly authentic peek at real-life marriage, parenting, and self-improvement. jthreeNMe is raw, honest, empowering, inspiring, and entertaining; it’s like chicken soup for those that are exhausted, over-stressed and under-inebriated, yet still utterly happy. Nicole’s work has been featured by Scary Mommy, The Good Men Project, BLUNTmoms, Thought Catalog, Everyday Family, Motherly & many others. You can follow Nicole at jthreeNMe as well as on Facebook, and Twitter!

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