Boat parked on the beach in the Cape May NJ

Mom Getaway: Cape May, New Jersey

This past weekend I got an absolutely amazing opportunity to hang out with some awesome mom bloggers, get pampered, all in my favorite city!

I really needed this getaway.

There were a few of my Philly Mom friends there, but the rest were a brand new group of fun women!  I got to chat with Cooper and Emily from The Motherhood, which of course was a highlight.  They have such an awesome story about how they met.  And they are both so super friendly. Wanna talk about a force to reckon with?!?!!? Watch out! Those two women are powerhouses! They are heading to Africa this summer to spread the word of women. Awesome story to tell too.

Anyway, I got to meet some other women from NYC and DC too. Some that I’ve followed and chatted with on twitter—and some brand new ones too!

I spent about seven hours putting this video together.  So I’ll keep this really short.

How about four words short.

I love Congress Hall!!

Ok. I’ll share some more. Cause that surely isn’t enough.

Top 5 Things I LOVED About Cape May

They have a resort for every family type. Now, for my family—it would seriously have to be a special treat to stay at The Congress Hall. I was blessed to be able to—but I’ve heard that during high season the rooms run upwards of $400. I definitely have champagne taste with a caviar budget…

Congress Hall has more family/kid activities than any resort I’ve ever heard of. They do everything from kids’ karaoke to providing a babysitter for you to take a night out.

They use Aveda products. I can’t stand the soaps that hotel/motels give you wrapped up in a package..and they expect you to wash EVERYTHING with it. I swear I’m not high maintenance…I swear!!! I just LOVED that. It was the kind that tingles in your head. So you totally realize it’s not the cheap stuff.

The Owner, Curtis Bashaw, is a real person. Not just a man in a suit. I found it so fascinating that he was heir to a developer! His grandfather bought up a bunch of properties really cheap and Curtis grew up summering in Cape May. He said he use to run the halls of this mega building playing hide and go seek. This place is HUGE! I loved his passion about every little detail he put into the place.

They are the only place in Jersey that has REAL Cabana Boys.  They not only put your chair out, toss your umbrella in the sand, but they take your order and deliver it to you. (Sigh!) Now that is total service.

This post originally appeared on Real Mom Media on June 14, 2011.

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