How #RealityMoms Celebrate Michelada Day #ad

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The universe was listening while chatting with hubby the other night.  He couldn’t take another summer of either beer or cider as the beverage choices readily available in our fridge. Gone are the days when I could sit back and enjoy a cold beer or two, my 40-something-year-old digestive system having given up in defeat, just blows my tummy up like a balloon after the first few sips. I tried cider—a cold, sweeter refreshing cousin of my hubby’s favorite brewski—it felt like the perfect match for me. Except for the sugar and subsequent headache, that is. So I did what I do, I googled, and searched pinterest and was very excited to find not just my perfect summertime beverage, but that there’s a whole DAY devoted to it! Best wife in the world, I know.

So what is this perfect drink you ask? It is called a Michelada and there is a Michelada Day – you can celebrate on July 12th! A Michelada is a refreshing, delicious drink made from Beer and Clamato® Juice with a blend of lime and spices. Similar to a Bloody Mary or Caesar, this drink is very popular in Mexico and I can see why. It isn’t as alcohol laden as a Caesar or Bloody Mary and has a more complex flavor, thanks to the spices which give it a kick. There are even special Michelada glasses. There are many different variations and I am committed to trying them all this summer (all in the name of research of course).

Now, I have to admit I have always shied away from tomato juice, it’s just never been my thing (big tall glass of cold blood), but my new cocktail bestie is made of Beer and Clamato® Juice so I’m broadening my horizons and trying new things, (look at me, MOM!).

So here’s the thing, Clamato® Juice isn’t just tomato! It’s crazy good, with spices and ya, clam juice, but it totally works. It’s not thick, in fact it’s really yummy just over ice. I know this because you aren’t supposed to be boozing at 9am, but a “virgin” Michelada is completely acceptable, and considering the other main ingredient is BEER, the virgin variety is, well, Clamato®.

I’m really quite a genius with my whole plan, because I have found a way to incorporate a VEGETABLE into my summer libations.   I actually think I may be more excited about the CLAMATO® juice than I am about the beer! If you think about, the Clamato juice is practically one of those “perfect foods”. I get a serving of veg from the tomato and there’s got to be some protein from the clam juice, right? And I can mix it with beer. Sounds pretty darn perfect to me!

My First Michelada Day


6 oz. Clamato® Preparado

4 oz. beer


Salt, pepper, hot sauce to taste (if you dare)

Rim Spice Blend:

4 tablespoons salt

2 teaspoons chili powder

1 teaspoon dried oregano


Rim a tall beer glass with spice blend (optional). Fill the glass with ¼ cup of ice, ice, baby. Add Clamato® Preparado, beer, salt, pepper, and hot sauce. One drop of hot sauce, you’re boring; three drops, you’re playing it safe; ten drops, you’re on fire.

Rim Spice Blend:

Combine rim ingredients on a small plate. Pour lime juice onto another small plate. Dip rim of glass into lime juice, then carefully dip into spice blend.

Garnish with a fresh lime, take a sip, take a sip, take a sip, and enjoy.

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