Mexico Travel for Mind, Body and Spirit

I’m STILL glowing about my trip to Mexico.

But I seriously want you to know how much I LOVED it!

It did just that.  It renewed my mind, body and spirit.  So, I wanted to share some tips about traveling to Mexico.

The only other time I had flown into Mexico was to Cancun in 2006.  At that time, I didn’t need a passport.  But we do now.  And that is a ROYAL pain.

But it turns out, that it wasn’t oh so bad.  It just requires patience and a few hours of your time.  And some extra money because it surely wasn’t cheap to get one.

Tips for Travelling to Mexico

Look like you know what you are doing and where you are going.  (I think it was a tad obvious that I was a newbie  ’cause I was a newbie.)

Be prepared for a LONG delay for customs both coming in the country and going back out.  Yep.  We spent an hour going in to Mexico at customs in Mexico City.  Coming back into the US, we landed in Dallas.  There I had to go back through customs and ran like the wind to make my connecting flight.  It was a disaster.  Trust me.  Be sure to leave enough time when scheduling your flights!  (Not to mention, Dallas airport STINKS. haha).

Don’t eat food from the side of street vendors.  They have totally different rules than we do with pesticides, etc.  So don’t eat the food unless you KNOW where its coming from.  Cause it might just ruin your ENTIRE trip.

DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT drink the water.  Or ice.  Unless you want to be ill.

If you’re traveling with kids, travel light. Who am I kidding-travel light no matter what! lol  But with kids-you don’t want to be chasing after them for everything. Plus picking up behind them. Ugh.  NOT FUN.

Ok—let’s pack our bags and get out of here!

This post originally appeared on Real Mom Media on January 9, 2012.

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