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Time To Get My Act Together #MetaSnackID #Ad

This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/ Meta Appetite Control


The beginning of the year is always about the time that I decide to get my act together. Whatever that act may be! This year, since I lost a lot of weight in 2016, the goal is to really keep it off. What I did to lose the weight had a key ingredient. Don’t eat anything after 6PM. That’s easy for some but the worst for others. For me, I hung in there as a mom to two boys. I learned to snack when the kids get home and nibble when I make dinner. Nothing in the mouth after 6PM!

Now that the no eating after 6p has lifted I need that special something that doesn’t put me in a binging blowout.  Something that satisfies a craving yet allows me to munch on something yummy. Meta Appetite Control came into my life and all was well in the world.  Well…at least this month with my keep it off mentality!  (We all know how New Year’s goals turn out sometimes, right? ha)  Meta Appetite Control is a product made by the folks at Metamucil and it’s really been great help me feel less hungry between meals.* Meta Appetite Control is clinically proven to help curb cravings between meals.* The main ingredient in the product is a big word named psyllium fiber.  You add 2 teaspoons of Meta Appetite Control to at least 8 oz of water and the fiber thickens and forms a gel in your digestive system, aiding in the sensation of fullness and acts as an appetite suppressant.  

I have been drinking Meta Appetite Control with my evening smoothie to break up with daily snack cravings for the past month and it has really helped me to stay out of the pantry!  Another great time for me to drink up is in the a.m. right after I get my kids off to school.  I’m able to hold off the desire for a fast bowl of cereal and focus on eating a healthy lunch instead.  It really helps me control cravings between meals.*  I actually found a quiz on POPSUGAR where you can find out what kind of snacker you are.  It pretty much hit the nail on the head!  I am ‘the stressed-out snacker’.  Um. Yes.  You win!  Here’s what they had to say about me:  When I’m stressed, I don’t just eat some of my feelings – I eat them all!  I’m luckily not the only one but some great tips to stop stress eating is to step outside for a walk or run to get my mind and body moving.  Evidently it also creates space for me and my snack drawer. ha!

That was a super fun quiz to take.  Go take it yourself!  You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the great recipes & realities of how you snack in your life.  And when you head to the store to pick yours up – be sure to grab a coupon first!  Can’t miss out on a deal, ya know.  My friends at SheSpeaks is doing a fab giveaway too if you’re looking for a REALLY great deal! lol  Add the Meta Appetite Control to your diet, get off the couch and start living a healthy life.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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