#ManCrushMonday: GetConnectDAD Julian Caldwell

Welcome back to #ManCrushMonday, our weekly video segment for the #RealityMoms Community hosted by our super awesome Reality Mom Kathryn. On #ManCrushMonday, we feature our favorite dads and let you know why you should meet them and (of course) love them. Every week, we want you to meet a super, fantastic (and handsome) Dad from various locations, from every walk of life with the common thread of parenthood.

In this week’s #ManCrushMonday segment, we are introducing you to Julian Caldwell of GetConnectDAD: a growing online community resource for parents looking to improve their own parenting skills by learning from others. GetConnectDAD’s primary goal is to find ways for fathers to engage in more significant ways with their kids. The site also features parent challenges to get you more connected, like reading an extra story to your child, hugging your kids one extra time and (of course) going out of your way to tell them you love them.

An Iowa native, Julian and his wife live in Nebraska with their two adopted boys, ages three and five. Adoption was not their initial plan in life, but after exhausting other ways to have children and not succeeding, this is the route they were led in life. Julian travels quite a bit for his day job, so sees to it that when he is home, he is focused on being engaged in his family’s life.

We caught up with Julian at the Dad 2.017 Summit in San Diego. Watch the video to find out what Julian does for his wife to help her regroup and recharge, because all Moms need that time!

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