#ManCrushMonday: Christopher from Dad of Divas!

Welcome back to Man Crush Monday! Man Crush Monday is a weekly video segment for our Reality Moms Community hosted by our super awesome Reality Mom Kathryn, that features our favorite men and fathers in our lives and why we should all meet them and of course, love them. Every week, we want you to meet a super, fantastic (and handsome) Dad from various locations, from every walk of life with the common thread of parenthood.

In this week’s Man Crush Monday segment, we are introducing you to the mastermind writer behind the blog Dad of Divas and Dads In The Spotlight. Christopher started writing all the way back in 2007, just prior to the birth of his second daughter. Now, a father of two preteen girls, Christopher continues to write Dad of Divas and tells us his writing is about one man’s quest to regain his kingdom one day at a time (being the lone male in his household). Christopher examines the personal and thought provoking aspects of being a father and a husband.

One of the biggest takeaways that Christopher wants to impart to all fathers is the concept of time and that is short and extremely fleeting. The idea of his daughters growing up terrifies him because not only does that mean that they will be teenagers in a couple short years, but he also recognizes his own mortality because he is aging too.

Outside of being identified as just a Dad, Christopher is a student affairs professor who has been working in the field of college administration for over eighteen years in pre-college planning, admission and advising. In the blogosphere, he has been instrumental in bringing other fathers together to bond, advise and grow together.

We caught up with Christopher at the Dad 2.017 Summit in San Diego.

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