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7 Ways to Keep Your Kids Cool in the Summer

Summer can be brutally hot. In fact, over the last couple days here in the Northern Virginia area we have seen temperatures rise to 105 degrees! Keeping myself cool and collected around my kids during the summertime can be quite difficult. Do all kids have to whine and complain about just how hot it is every five seconds?  I have found that when I am able to keep my kids cool, comfortable and entertained in the summertime it is much easier for me to relax and not stress out. So I give you a list that I have been using all summer long with my kids…

Seven ways to keep your kids COOL in the Summer

  1. Pool Time. If you have a pool, a community pool or a recreational center nearby — USE it. This is one of the best ways I keep my kids busy during long summer days. After a nice long day at the pool, my kids usually sleep in because they are so tired from playing all day (win-win)!
  2. Popsicles/Ice Cream. Sometimes as a treat in the middle of the day, I will surprise my kids with a trip to our local ice cream or frozen yogurt store.  If the kids don’t feel like heading out pull out ingredients to make our own ice cream sundaes that we can prepare and eat while watching a movie together. Popsicles are also a great treat to have on hand throughout the summer.
  3. Walk through the Mall. My 5-year-old son LOVES to run—which is difficult to do in this heat—so I often head over to our local mall. The mall is air conditioned, I can window shop (dangerous, I know) and my kids can run and get their energy out there.
  4. Go to a Museum. We are lucky to live only 15-20 minutes from Washington, DC which has many free museums that we frequent. Museums are great educational experiences for growing minds and they are also air conditioned!
  5. Go to the Movies. Summertime is when many studios release highly-anticipated animated movies. I love taking my kids to the movies because I can sit back, relax, and enjoy a movie (and a snack) in a cool place.
  6. Water Party Another great way to cool down is to set up a sprinkler, fill up a blow-up pool with water and water balloons. Invite a few friends and neighbors over and let your kids have a water party.
  7. Water Parks Head to your local park for slides and other fun water attractions.

Enjoy the rest of your summer wherever it may take you. Just make sure you keep cool!

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