Find Your Inner Wonder Woman (with Chicken)

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Tyson Foods and SheSpeaks. All opinions are entirely my own. WONDER WOMAN and all related characters and elements © & ™ DC Comics and Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
Feeding my family becomes a laughable experience in my house. I often wonder if my littlest boy is ever going to move outside of the few things he is willing to eat. My oldest has a little better of a palate but still has an issue with trying new things. Sad to say, I often cook so much food that ends up in the garbage because my kids just won’t eat it!

After nine years where the struggle is real I finally decided to just go with the flow. I ask my kids on a nightly basis what they want for dinner and the mutual answer is always “chicken nuggets or pizza.” So considering I’m not much of a pizza girl, chicken strips, nuggets, patties or anything remotely chicken flavor with a crunchy bite it is.

I partnered with our friends at SheSpeaks to come up with something for my entire family to enjoy with tasty chicken from Tyson Foods, Wonder Woman and Sam’s Club. Of course I said yes, my family eats Tyson products at least once a week! You have to sneak over and take this fun quiz as well! Tyson has partnered with the fab Wonder Woman movie and has the most fun quiz to bring out your motherly superpowers.

In a house full of boys, it makes me giddy to know there is a superhero movie out with a strong, powerful woman saving the universe. It’s always been important for me to make it clear to my boys that girls are just as awesome as boys are and they too can be anything they want in this life. I feel great about their response. They get it. And in the world we live in right now? Having a Wonder Woman Movie is a perfect pitch to my boys in a time of trials and triumphs.

Now back to the business of baking. I’m always running around the house trying to get dinner done before my family walks in the door. Mainly because they go straight to the pantry to stuff something in their faces that often ends up to be not so good for them. But this week, my goal was to take the Tyson chicken and create fast, tasty dinners for my family to completely love.

I pretty much knew that my four-year-old wanted his chicken one way or the highway. Baked Tyson® Strips with ketchup. Cooking made easy! However, my oldest loves salad! I know. Bizarre but considering he is a sports kid he knows the importance of putting vegetables with your protein. I created a Bar-B-Que chicken salad that he loved! It was a win/win for dinner. I’m not a photographer or a fancy recipe photo shoot mom. However, I am a real mom so you know what you see is what you get!

And considering I have a Wonder Woman bottle to go with dinner? These kids know exactly who the boss is in our house.

Now, can I repeat that when school gets out? Ugh. Check back for more!

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