how's summer going?

#RealityMoms Answer: How’s Summer Going?

#RealityMoms around the country are either a couple of weeks in or halfway through the summer by now, depending on what school district they live in. So we asked them – how’s your summer going?

My daughter has decided that she wants to do a Kool-aid stand, either giving cups away for free, or charging 25 cents, or maybe $50. She also wants to have a yard sale, for which she has picked several broken toys, and some colored pencils. I just want a nap. – Rhiannon Giles (Rhiyaya)

Car time. Car rides. Eating in the car. Getting ready in the car. Heading to camp in the car. Picking up kids in the car. Reading books in the car. Basically, several hours a day in the car. This summer will be known as the summer of the car. – Darla DeMorrow (Heart Work Organizing)

We’ve been on summer vacay for 7 weeks so far and are heading into the downhill slide with just 5 weeks left. This summer so far has had a theme of “new”: new activities for all of us, events at my daughter’s new school, new camps, and road tripping to six new (to us) states – it’s all been both exhilarating and exhausting. – Shannan Ball Younger (Between Us Parents)

Now that our vacation is over, my kids are back to being bored. Being that I work from home, I try to do some type of craft project with them once per week. Yesterday, we made our own gummy candy. When we were done, my oldest says, “These taste like soap.” So…yeah, that’s my summer. – Michelle Fallon (My Ball of Wax)

Photo Courtesy Michelle Fallon
Photo Courtesy Michelle Fallon

Second week of family vacation where I’m catching grief for getting on my laptop for anything and both sets of in-laws here. 10yo in perpetual drama so have sprained eye sockets. Thank god for Tito’s. – Jennifer Beldon (Momma on the Rocks)

Just today my darling cherubs have literally turned the living room upside down, stamped every surface with chalky handprints, eaten half a loaf of raisin bread, an entire bunch of bananas, and whatever else they took without me seeing. So I guess I’d say the Summer is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. – Serendipity Indigo (Mother of Serendipity)

Photo Courtesy Serendipity Indigo (Mother of Serendipity)
Photo Courtesy Serendipity Indigo

Hot. Hot. Sweaty. And more hot. Boston has been unusually hot and due to a home reno, our central AC is gone until further notice. ‘Scuse me while I go mop up my sweat. – Katie Wadland – (Eat Sleep Mom Repeat)

three loads of laundry, a trip to Target, UPS store, Trader Joes, made dinner and the kids still need baths. What has my life become? I am so tired! – Kiley D. Smith (Cherry Blossoms The Blog)

It’s been so much fun so far! My daughter who is 8 has decided she doesn’t want to work on and help me with my blog she wants to make her own blog, so she can be in Charge. I said you go girl, and while you are at it maybe you can start to do some cleaning and cooking too. I got an awesome eye roll and a stomp out of the room as she started to come up with her blog name. – Sarah Lafountain (Cook with Five Kids)

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