REALITY MOMS PARTNER: How to Stop Fearing Money at 40

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When I first started on my adult journey I had all these grand ideas. All these amazing things I wanted to do. The one common denominator was that they all required money. Go figure, right? It feels like everything that is something always comes with a cost. But did I know it would be this big of a deal to save the funds to cover those costs? I had no clue.

Do you ever wonder what you would tell your much younger self if you had the chance? I know for a fact I would tell my 21-year-old self that those $200 jeans mean nothing in the long run, but the $200 you put in savings could mean the world. (I know. Who pays $200 for a pair of jeans?)

Fast-forward almost 20 years later. (OMG, it’s been that long?) It’s really been that long. I’ve not only stopped buying expensive jeans, but I’ve also started getting my act together in regards to finances. However, it only took me 20 years to figure that out! I can tell you exactly why I haven’t buttoned down with a financial professional till now.


Facing My Money Fears

Fear has been my #1 reason for running away from the “M” word and everything in it. I don’t have fear because I get in trouble with my husband for spending money. There is actually a laundry list of fears with finances that has held me back the past 10 years. So what if I was lousy with money at age 21. By age 30, I should have been digging into my financial issues, but fear held me back. The biggest fear I have is failure. It’s embarrassing to still be paying your college education at 40 years old. I still owe $40,000+ on a 4-year degree because of my stupidity IN college. I didn’t think that signing up for that credit card in college was going to decide the rest of my life, especially if I missed a payment. But life happens, and I’ve learned a lot along the way.

I feel that the reason that I run away from money is that I grew up barely having any. I know I’m not alone in this one. My parents worked harder than any two human beings I have ever met. But because of their situation, I never heard them talk about 401Ks, investments or even their financial futures. It wasn’t that they didn’t want to discuss financial planning with me, but these topics weren’t their reality. I did learn how to balance a mean checkbook, that’s for sure! (Love you mom!)

Making Money A Priority & Learning About Life Insurance

Now, here I am. I turned 40 in 2017 and I’m finally making money a priority in my life. There are no more excuses. What if something happens to me? Who will do all the insane tasks that I have to do while my husband works his butt off to provide such a great life for his family? Car pool. Laundry. Cleaning bathrooms. Groceries. Cooking? My husband would have to hire someone to do all of that. If I didn’t have life insurance it would be an astronomical cost for him.

One fear I had is that I wouldn’t be insurable because I suffered from postpartum depression when entering the mom life. I assumed mental illness was uninsurable. The good news is that I was wrong. Just because you have a medical condition it does not mean you will be denied life insurance. I never would have learned that if I didn’t take the time to work with a Prudential Financial Professional.

Securing My Financial Future With Prudential

I have great news. I’m right on track to get life insurance with my Prudential Financial Professional. My partnership with Prudential as an influencer is unique for me in that I’ve learned so much, that will benefit my future. My decisions in this process and the way Prudential has made me feel about myself has been priceless. I would have never known the value of  all I do if I didn’t at least have the conversation with Maddie Brooks, a Prudential Financial Professional. It didn’t cost me a thing as a first meeting with a Prudential Professional is complimentary and confidential.

I am so relieved that I finally did this and took control of my finances. And better yet, as Prudential influencer, I have the opportunity to share with my readers a complimentary and confidential conversation of their own with a Prudential Financial Professional. To take advantage this offer, just fill out this form to sign up to have a conversation with a local Prudential, Financial Professional. It’s that easy. Honestly, you’ll feel better about yourself after you do.

What is the burning question that you’d ask a Prudential Financial Professional? #OwnMyFuture like I have and plan for yours!

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