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The Hottest Toys of the 2017 Holiday Season

We just love the holidays at Reality Moms!

Want to know which toy will be the absolute hardest toy to find?

Check us out on Fox 29 Philadelphia!

And be sure to swing back by and see what all our holiday picks are this season on November 1st when we launch our Reality Moms Hot Holiday Gift Guide!

Hatchimals Surprise – so 2016 but still a hot one for 2017! ($70 most retailers still stocked!)

Fingerlings – THESE ARE THE ABSOLUTE MUST HAVES!!  (Can’t find them ANYWHERE! $15 when they are found at retail stores but beware of counterfeiter fakes and overpriced 3rd party resellers on Amazon!)

Imaginext DC Super Friends Batman Batbot – Boys will fight for this one!

LOL Surprise – 50 fab surprise eggs in one!  And? A bath bomb!

Mayka  – This tape is gonna ‘make-a’ mom thrilled this season!  Toss out the LEGO table and make your own with Mayka!

Squishy Mooshy – These slow rise creatures keep the hands busy!

ORIGINAL Fidget ‘Gidget Cube’ – They aren’t done yet!  The fidgets are still alive and well with the cubes

Tangles – Oh yes. Another fidget find! (Except this makes more than just a fidgeter to find their zen!



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