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Hot Stocking Stuffers for 2018

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You’ve got the big things handled – but what are the hottest things in stocking stuffers this year? RealityMoms has you covered.

Blind Capsule Toys

One of the biggest trends spilling over from last year is the blind capsule toy. Packed inside each of these very different capsules your child will find a different, collectible surprise. These are our favorite picks this year:

Relevant Play Mad Mattr Meteor Monster

Crack open a meteor and watch as a monster unleashes itself from the mystery colored Mad Mattr dough inside. There are eight different monsters to collect and play with, including one rare and one ultra-rare.

Zuru 5 Surprise

With pods for boys and girls, each 5 Surprise contains 5 exciting and collectible toys.

Sensory Friendly Toys

Another spillover favorite from last year are sensory friendly toys. Whether smell, squish or fidget, each of these are our favorites for stockings this year:

Smashy Mashy

These squishy, stinky, ooze reveal creatures come from an abandoned laboratory, they need their buddies to get them out of sticky situations!

Relevant Play Mad Mattr Quantum Tool Box

Press it, mold it, squish it, sculpt it, build it! Use your multi-colored Mad Mattr kinetic dough to build tons of creative structures.

Marvel Fidget Cubes

Zuru has taken last year’s fidget cubes and made them better, adding Marvel colors and characters!

Go Go Go Toys

Cars and trucks are always a quick and easy stocking stuffer. These hot toys are the ones that #RealityMoms are buying:

Tonka Tinys

Who doesn’t love a Tonka truck? These Tinys are portable, cute and perfect for the stocking and the garages they come in can be connected to use as storage for your collection!

Kid O Go Car

Kid O Go is the perfect first car for the youngest drivers, the right size to grasp, push and roll this toy will help develop motor skills, pretend play, creativity, imagination, eye-hand coordination and physical confidence.

Those are our #RealityMoms picks for stockings this year – for more gift ideas, see the Ninth Annual RealityMoms Hot Holiday Gift Guide!

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