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#RealityMoms HOT Holiday Gift Guide for 2016

I can’t even believe it!!  This is the seventh annual gift guide and every year I say to my household “I’m never doing this again..” I say that because my house becomes Santa’s Workshop. Do you have any idea what it is like to fill a studio with toys and tell your kids not to touch them?  TRUTH!  They are great kids and they absolutely loved everything that came in this holiday season.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get to pick everything—but these are some really fun products that we think you and your family will enjoy.

Special thanks to our friends at Jakks Pacific for sending along an amazing array of Tsum Tsum’s and the Mickey Carrying Case to share with our #RealityMoms fans and media partners.

Cheers to the best holiday season ever!  Be sure to comment with some of your favorites in the guide for a chance to WIN them!

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