#ToyTuesday Toy Fair Fun! Hexbugs and More!

Every year I head up to NYC to find out what is coming for the latest in toys within the year.  Call it a preview. or call it “moms-gone-wild” toy style! ha  This past year I brought my girlfriend Sandy from Creative Juice Group with me and we had an absolute BLAST playing for days and discovering what the new hit toys are going to be this holiday season!

Sandy’s daughter Allie is a big fan of Meccano and really did an amazing job putting one together last holiday season.  When we connected with the latest in Meccano at Toy Fair—Sandy was LOVING every minute of it and keeping her eyes open so she could help Santa out this year!  Sandy decided that her daughter would LOVE the new Meccano dinosaur that’s out.  It burps and farts. You can’t find toys that are any classier than these!!

While we were at the toy fair, we popped around from toy brand to toy brand for the day and another of our favorites was the gang from Hexbugs!  True story, a couple of years ago I couldn’t find the little bugs anywhere and sent out a call for help. The Hexbugs company really went above and beyond—they sent my little guy an entire box filled with the little Hexbugs and batteries!  It was the SWEETEST thing ever!  THAT is seriously amazing customer service, right?

You can see in the video?we had an absolute blast at the toy fair and I already can’t wait to see what the new toys are next year!

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