Hershey PA USA - October 19 2014 - Chocolate House in HersheyPark amusement park

7 Reasons HersheyPark isn’t Just for Kids

Amusement parks today cater to many differing tastes and experiences, but for the most part, commercials seem to be aimed at getting your kids to whine at you until you bring them to the park. But HersheyPark in Hershey, Pennsylvania, is very different – while there are a number of kid-friendly attractions, Hershey is aimed at making sure that adults have a great time!


The latest Hershey attraction is the Triple Tower, the first ride in North America that lets you choose your thrill! The Kisses tower only stands 80 feet high, Reese’s Tower is 131 feet, and for the ultimate thrill seeker, the Hershey’s Tower is 189 feet, and after rocketing to the top, it drops back to the bottom at 45 miles per hour! And that’s not your only option—HersheyPark has 13 coasters, over 14 water attractions and over 70 attractions.

HersheyPark Stadium

Have a music lover in your midst? This year’s lineup included Blink 182, Guns & Roses, Matchbox Twenty and Counting Crows among others!


What would Hershey be without chocolate lovers everywhere? Head over to the Chocolate House and load up before you head home (especially if it’s a warm day, you don’t want to ruin all that chocolate). Seriously – HersheyPark is every candy lover’s dream.


Outside of the obvious candy/sugar fixation, HersheyPark caters to every taste and is sensitive to both diets and allergies. They do have your favorite things fried in dough, but they also have healthy options. Yes – you can get a healthy salad at HersheyPark. Check out their allergen page for a list of allergy and diet-friendly options so you can keep a look out on your trip.

BBLz (pronounced “bubbles”)

New to HersheyPark is BBLz – PepsiCo’s new “soft drink mixology”. Each drink starts with your favorite PepsiCo base (including diet versions), add ice cream, frosting, syrup and your favorite candy and BOOM – you have the perfect refreshment.


Find animals more amusing than rides? Same day admission to Zoomerica is included in your HersheyPark admission!

Onsite Accommodations

So much to choose from, from the frugal camping sites, to Hershey Hotel to the ultimate luxury of the Hershey Lodge. AND you get VIP benefits like Hersheypark Sweet Start so you can start the fun before the gates even open. You’ll get in an hour early and have VIP access to select rides at the park. And if you’re really looking for some amazing fun, come for their special Halloween or Christmas celebrations!

Seriuosly—how can you pass this up? Get yourself some tickets and head out to HersheyPark either alone or with your family ASAP!

This #RealityMom was provided with free family tickets for this review – but all opinions are her own.

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