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Great Ways to April Fool Your Kids

I would be telling a lie if I told you I did not enjoy every single second of this segment I did on Fox 29 in Philly. You see, my job is super fun. I love playing with products, sharing great stories on here and even getting opportunities to bring to you so great ideas to bring joy to your everyday life. And lucky me—I get to join Jennaphr Frederick to talk about them!

April Fools’ Day has always been one of (if not my utmost) favorite day of the year. I have no idea how I got so demented but man alive there really is nothing better than a good prank! Ok. So maybe there is. A good prank ON YOUR KIDS! You can find fun April Fools’ Day ideas everywhere on the internet but I’ve definitely got a few favorites.

My Favorite April Fools’ Day Pranks

Ice Cream Surprise:  One of the easiest things to cook… MASH POTATOES. Want to trick your kids? Put them in a fancy bowl and add caramel and sprinkles! BAD MOM.

Homemade Brownies:  Oh yes.  This is a classic!  Cover a cookie tin with foil – in the tin?  BROWN E’s!!!

Fruit Fun: Ya know those chocolate egg candies everywhere in the spring?  Throw some grapes in there!

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