Following a gluten-free diet at home can feel like a challenge in and of itself, but hitting the road on a gluten-free diet can seem downright intimidating, especially when you are new to the gluten-free lifestyle. A little advanced planning and a few simple tips will allow you to conquer the roads with ease and confidence.

Learning to live gluten-free? Here is our Guide to Gluten-Free Living for beginners:

Make a Plan. Just like you research the accommodations and attractions of the places you visit, spend a little time before departing on your trip researching the gluten-free options where you will be visiting. Ask friends and family or do a quick internet search to let you know all about the restaurants, bakeries, and grocery stores that are especially friendly to gluten-free diets.

Pack Wisely. Alongside your suitcases full of clothes and accessories, pack a bag full of healthy gluten-free snack and meal options. If you are traveling by car, almost any food can easily be packed in a cooler. Travel on a plane is tricky, but tucking a few gluten-free snack bars in your bag can really come in handy when hunger strikes!

Get Creative. Fast food establishments and roadside restaurants are not the only places to stop for a bite to eat when you are on the go. Convenience stores often have plain roasted nuts and fruit that will fill you up and keep you healthy. Another creative and helpful option is to hit up the grocery store. Grab all natural deli meat and a ready-made pack of guacamole for a low carb, gluten-free lunch that’s ready to eat. Another good option is an apple and nut butter. You’ll be surprised how many terrific options you can find when you start to think outside the box!

Eat Local. Local restaurants can be your best friend when it comes to great gluten-free options on the road. Because local restaurants often create their own menu and source their food from nearby sources they tend to be knowledgeable about what is in their food and can effectively accommodate your needs.

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