Fidget spinner and fidget cube the latest stress relieving craze on table top

Finding Gifts for Fidgety Kids That Go Beyond Spinners

Everyone has sensory needs, preferences, and aversions that are entirely their own. Sensory processing describes how each of us uses all eight* of our senses to experience and interpret the world. (*That’s not a typo, there are more senses than you learned about in grade school.)

As a mom of a kiddo who has sensory preferences and aversions that are atypical, I find I evaluate toys and experiences based first and foremost on a sensory level. Particularly because I’ve seen it happen time and again: he gets a gift which may be numerically age-appropriate, but it is in no way suited to his sensory needs.

All of which explains why this year I pulled together my guide to Sensational Gifts for the Fidgety & Fickle , which includes a range of items in a variety of categories.

I personally curated this guide to highlight products which seemed suited for kids with sensory processing disorders (SPD), or who may live with ADD or ADHD. Please note, I’m not an OT, I’m just a mom of a sensational kiddo.  

I broke down my guide into several categories, each with notes about why I find a sensory value to particular items.

**This is not a sponsored post. Most products do have an affiliate link to shop from, which would make usa few pennies at no cost to the shopper.

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