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#RealMomGiftGuide: Gift Ideas for Dads

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Every time I watch the movie with the Grinch in it, I always think about that dreaded neck tie that ends up in the post holiday trash.  I pretty much re-enact that entire scene to my family to remind them that it’s NOT all about the gifts!  My boys love it but my husband finds it annoying.  I guess I can’t blame him when it’s the same story for the past seven years! But it’s true. My house has this extraordinary opportunity to test all year long—from toys to neck ties. So when the holidays come and I focus on the experience and the magic that Christmas brings so much that I completely forget to think about my own family gift giving!

Neck ties are lovely if that is something the man in your life needs.  But if they don’t need it—don’t buy it!  Find something that will change their thinking of the holiday or do yourself a big giant favor and share this blog post with them and see if there is anything they would want.  I have some great products from this year to share with you for the men in your life!

Every man loves money, right?  Every man loves their phones too, right?  How about a wallet to CHARGE that phone?  Yep!  Modern technology honestly offers it all. And Nomad has been a family favorite in our house for a few years.  This year they sent us a rechargeable wallet.  YES.  Can you believe that?  They also have the coolest carabiner & charger on the planet.

Now let’s get shopping, already!

Gift Ideas for Dads

iRoar GO Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

creative iroar go bluetooth wireless speakerI have been a GIANT fan of this company for years! Seriously. I have about six of their products around my house and I use them for business and travel too.  The latest iRoar by Creative is the smallest and lightest portable speaker out there. It easily connects to Bluetooth.  The list price is approximately $200 but you can find it on Amazon (link in product title) for around $150!

Nomad Wallet Slim Horeen Leather Charging Wallet

nomad-leather-charging-walletI have tested out many backpacks & handbags with phone chargers built in—but never have I seen a leather wallet that moonlights as a charger!  I got this cool product to test out and it was a full charge for the iPhone! Each leather wallet is held together by a durable yet elegant stitching.

Nomad Lightning to USB Carabiner Clip

carabiner-lightning-chargerThis Carabiner is a high speed charging cable housed in an ultra rugged stainless steel and polycarbonate clip. Attach it anywhere so you always have a way to charge.  Joey’s tip:  I travel to NYC a lot and often take only a backpack. This Carabiner from Nomad is super sturdy and upholds well with travel.  Tie it to your luggage, backpack, belt loop even and you’re ready to charge up anywhere!

table-top-fireplaceTabletop Fireplace

This new super chic, Anywhere Fireplace Metropolitan model brings the ambiance of fire to small spaces. Its sleek tempered glass front and back and stainless steel fuel burner can be put on any steady surface—a table top, a stand, the floor or inside non-functioning fireplace to finally allow you to see the beautiful dancing flames of a fire where you previously could not. Its clear glass design allows you to view the dancing flames from any angle so you can put it virtually anywhere in a room be able to enjoy the ambiance created by the real fire.

Calvin Klein STEEL Men’s Slim Fit Non Iron Dress Shirt

Forgo the neck ties this year and get dad a gorgeous new shirt by Calvin Klein!  The STEEL Men’s lassi-Fit Non-Iron Performance Dress Shirt will make life a lot easier for dads who have to suit up for work everyday.  The shirts, courtesy of Nanotex.   Available at Macy’s – featuring Nanotex® Wrinkle Defense and Nanotex® Coolest Comfort– creating shirts that are non-iron and wicking fabric that helps evaporate moisture.

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