GIVEAWAY: All My Friends Are Having Babies (And They Can Keep Them)

Disclosure: Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.

It seems like everyone, and their dog is having babies lately. At least in my circle of friends. To be fair, I have a much younger group of friends; maybe it is my fun, witty and playful demeanor, but more likely, it is my refusal to act my age. Regardless, I can’t turn around without being invited to a baby shower or a gender revealing party. By the way, there was no such thing as a gender reveal party in my day. That ‘party’ was reserved for the doctor in the delivery room, as he shoved your newborn babies genitals in your face. And exclaimed, “It’s a boy/girl!”

Things have drastically changed since I was making babies, sixteen long tired years ago. At forty-three with two teenagers under my belt; I am out of the baby making woods, and I am OK with it. Don’t get me wrong; I love the squishy little clingers, but I’ve had my time. What that means is, I haven’t had to look at changing pads, nursing bras, bibs, diapers, bottles, high chairs, cribs…in a rather long time. So as my friends started popping out their bundles of joy, and I sat at one baby shower after another I began to get a little (OK…a lot) jealous.

What are all these amazing baby products?!?! Where were they when I was crying over the spilled milk?!

Everything has changed. Well, not everything, I am sure the lack of sleep and constant diaper changing is the same. Speaking of diaper changing and how far baby products have come. When I use to change my son’s diaper, especially while visiting a friend’s house. I lived in constant fear of being sprayed; the pee spray is a thing, and it is a powerful force. Back in my day, my only defense of the pee spray was the palm of my hand or my face, one time I took it right in the face. Not one of my shining moments. But today Moms have these amazing products called the sprinkler weeblock. For real, it’s like a little jock you can use to block the pee while changing your son’s diaper. Genius. Have I told you of my jealousy? Wait…there is more… One of my girlfriends registered for a nursing bra. Yes, there are baby shower registries, it’s news to me. Anyhoo, let me explain to the Moms of now what it used to be like in my day. My nursing bra cost me close to one hundred dollars. It had no shape what-so-ever unless you call tube sock a shape. Even my over zealous breasts, fully engorged, resembled one giant boob. Appearance I could deal with, but the functionality was hell on earth. Clasps that were hard to maneuver and the constant embarrassment of having my Mommy-tummy exposed had me hating the entire experience.

But, did you know women today can (really-truly-one-hundred-percent) buy a nursing bra for under one hundred dollars? Half of that to be precise AND it looks like a real bra, not a tube sock! Okay, I didn’t know it, but luckily I found one online because spending a hundred dollars on your pregnant friend seems a little excessive. I have teenagers to feed. While I am jealous of all the different products these new moms have at their fingertips, I am not ready to get back into the baby-making game. I will let my younger and more agile companions take the wheel. I have no desire to strap a bib on a flailing baby, struggle to put pyjamas on over ever-moving feet, or decorate a nursery in which they sleep a minimum of two short hours in at one time.

Besides, I can get my baby fix in any time I want. It’s as if my friends turned into rabbits over here. And once I am done holding them, snuggling them, and kissing their soft baby foreheads, I can give them right back when it comes to changing time.

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