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When It Comes to the Environment, Small Changes Add Up

I’ve been watching news about our climate crisis for a while. It terrifies me. I have kids, I want grandkids, and I want them safe. In a world where they can breathe and thrive. I’m only one person but I do believe one person can make a difference.

One way I’m attempting to do this is by making changes at home. Even small, simple changing make an impact. By sharing how we’re all working towards securing a future for our kids and grandkids, we can find new ideas. Hopefully.

  1. Use beeswax food covers to avoid plastic wrap. They’re good for about 100 uses and compostable.
  2. Unplug as many appliances as possible while not using.
  3. Turn out the lights.
  4. Buy reusable food storage bags and pack lunches in those. Or use a bento box type lunchbox.
  5. Take your own reusable grocery bags.
  6. Use mesh produce bags.
  7. Eat waaaaaay less meat.
  8. Take a glass mason jar, lid, and your own metal straw if you buy drinks outside the home.
  9. Recycle everything possible including toilet paper rolls.
  10. Use reusable water bottles.
  11. Use cloths to clean and tear up old shirts and towels, not paper towels. If you use paper towels, compost them
  12. Wash clothes in cold water. They’ll still get clean.
  13. Stop using dryer sheets.
  14. Waste less food. When veggies are getting old, throw them in soup. I freeze a lot if I know leftovers won’t be eaten in time. Heels of bread can be frozen and when you have enough, cut them up, soak in eggs and milk and cinnamon overnight and then bake the next morning for a tasty French toast bake. If you have to toss food, compost it.
  15. Buy organic whenever possible.
  16. Use bar soap instead of liquid soap to reduce packaging. Most bar soapboxes are recyclable.
  17. Take your own containers if going to a restaurant and package up leftovers.
  18. Wash glass jars and use them as glasses or vases.
  19. Buy herb plants and keep them on windowsill and use as needed. This avoids buying the small batches in the plastic containers and it looks nice in the kitchen
  20. Finally, share what you do with your friends, family, and kids. Don’t preach but inform.

It’s up to us. One person can make a difference but all of us working together can make change happen.

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