Man Crush Monday from Down Under!

Welcome to Man Crush Monday! Man Crush Monday is a weekly video segment for our Reality Moms Community hosted by our super awesome Reality Mom Kathryn, that features our favorite men and fathers in our lives and why we should all meet them and of course, love them. Every week, we want you to meet a super, awesome (and handsome) Dad from various locations, from every walk of life with the common thread of parenthood.

In this week’s Man Crush Monday segment, we are introducing you to our favorite Australian dad, Rod. This dad is definitely a man’s man, but did you know that his homeland was the second country in the world to give women the right to vote in 1902?

Rod has a daughter he adores and has been a stepdad to a few more over the years. He strives to be a true outdoorsman and can be found “at the barbie” and lounging by the water on his days off. Rod is super relaxed, but territorial over his ladies, don’t cross this guy’s path unless you mean business! Check out the clip to go Down Under with this hot dad!

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