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Traveling to Disney with an Infant

Why yes! I did just get back from Disney World! I was invited to attend the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration for the first time and I had to get my family there for sure!!

I flew in with Boston and Hudson (yes—I traveled with a ten-week-old and my five-year-old alone!) on Thursday. My husband arrived on Friday and we played all weekend until this morning when we returned home.

I have to admit… as much as I am a travel PRO – I wasn’t too sure about traveling with an almost five-year-old and a TEN-WEEK-OLD. Yes. Ten weeks. That’s a whopping only seventy-days-old baby.

And the great news is that HE WAS AN AMAZING little traveler!!

I did learn a few things along the way that I’d LOVE to share with you.

Please note—I’m in NO WAY a “DISNEY EXPERT”. I actually have only been there three times. This being the third. Each time I learn a little something new. Disney can be incredibly overwhelming for newcomers—but add a BABY to the fold? It could mean a yes or no go for your family.

Tips for Traveling to Disney with an Infant

  • hudson_toystoryride_disneyDon’t forget to pack enough formula. Yes. I ran out. I ended up having to buy the already mixed formula in the gift shop and it wasn’t the same brand. Um. MEGA blowouts for two days. Poor baby. He didn’t complain at all. He loved the formula…but his body and that quick switch isn’t the best thing for a baby.
  • Bring a light cover to shield the baby from the sun. Orlando’s sun is HOT HOT HOT. I brought a really lightweight cover and laid it over the top of our stroller. It was a lifesaver!! The cover was breathable and he didn’t burn while tramping around the parks. *Note, some strollers have special SPF screens or covers for them. If your stroller offers it—BUY IT! It’s worth it in the end.
  • Have a spray bottle handy.  We got suckered into buying another one of the Disney misty thingies that are fans that spray water. We already have one at home—but why would I be brilliant enough to pack that one? Ugh. Anything will do…but have one. Babies get hot easy and some misting might make them feel better.
  • Plan not to have a plan. We actually didn’t have a plan other than the events I had to take part in with the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration that I was there for, but we decided to take it easy the entire time. If we could fit something in, we did,  if not, we just went with the flow. By not planning every second we were able to relax a bit.
  • Stay at a resort accessible by Monorail. By using the monorail, the baby was able to stay in the stroller and I just tipped the stroller and drove it up onto the platform. If you take the strollers with a baby on a bus (which we had to do to get to Downtown Disney) then you have to have someone hold the baby and break down the stroller—then hold the baby the entire ride there and on the way back. The monorail was great for convenience with the dude and the stroller.
  • Bring a baby carrier. I really used the baby carrier when we were traveling to and from the airport. It was great on the airplane to have the baby hands-free. It helped him sleep the entire time both ways! WINNER!
  • There are baby rides. There are some rides that allow the babes! I about flipped when they said there were. Hudson, my 10-week-old got to ride the Toy Story, Peter Pan Ride, It’s a Small World, Under the Sea at Epcot and a few others!! I highly suggest the baby carrier when going on those rides….but you can hold your little peanut too!

This post originally appeared on Real Mom Media.

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