The Top Walt Disney World Resorts For Girlfriend Getaways

What happens when two #RealityMoms hop a plane and head to Walt Disney World withOUT their kids? A whole lotta stuff. And know that I’m totally gonna tell ya. I joined my dear friend Kathryn (hostess of the Merlot, It’s Me on the RealityMoms Facebook site) on a mission to find out which one of the Disney World Resorts we loved the most!

It’s a very hard job but somebody has to do it!

The first stop on the Disney World Tour with #RealityMoms was my absolute favorite place to dine: Boatwrights at Port Orleans Resort. I pretty much could eat here EVERY DAY of my LIFE!  I don’t know if it was because the resort reminded me of home.  (Illinois is not the ‘big easy’ but connected to the Mississippi!  Close enough, right?)

The food was off the charts.  Kathryn and I ate.  And we ate.  And we ATE.

Again, tough job but someone had to do it!

Royal themed bedroom with 2 queen beds and elaborate headboards, curtained window, armoireNow, what was so fun about the resort was the Royal Guest Room.  In the room the headboards light up!  It totally reminded me of my visit to Disneyland, California and staying at the resort there.  I absolutely love that magical part of Disney. Another fave of the Port Orleans Resort Riverside was the bathroom faucets.  You just have to see them to know what I mean!  Oh-and totally can’t forget the pool.  The pool was fan-tab-u-lous!  (Kathryn and I will post a fun overall recap of our experience with the video of us there.  It was our FAVE pool on the planet!)

Moving onto the next resort. This is seriously my FAVORITE resort for families.  But as this was a girlfriend getaway we LOVED it but not our fave.  My family actually stayed at the Art of Animation Resort when it first opened and we went to the media experience of the Fantasyland opening. (Go check out my personal blog where we shared our family experience.)  What was/is awesome about this resort is that it is bigger than a standard room and it was VERY affordable for us!  Kathryn has stayed there too with her kids.  We can assure you the pool is PERFECT for families!

The next resort on our Girlfriends Getaway was such a cool stop!  I have actually never been in the Animal Kingdom Lodge  before and it is awesome!  I have had family stay there and they mentioned how incredible it was to wake up and stop out on their balcony to giraffes! My favorite part personally was the absolutely gorgeous artwork in everything in the resort. I had to snap a shot of the chandelier. Isn’t it GORGEOUS? On the Girlfriend Getaway Scale this hotel is perfect for girlfriends.  The dining is spectacular and something totally different than you can find anywhere in the resort! We ate at Sanaa.  I took pictures but they didn’t come out very well.  Go figure.  I had my face in the food so much I was focused on the flavors! ha  (We’ll share more of our restaurant tour in another post.  Just wait!  You’ll book your trip solely on our food fun!)

The last resort stop on our #RealityMoms Walt Disney World Tour was the place that we actually stayed it.  Honestly?  It was THE #1 RESORT PICK FOR GIRLFRIEND GETAWAYS!  We stayed at the Boardwalk Inn & Villas Resort. You have to check out Kathryn’s room tour below.  I of course sat in the tub and highlighted the washer and dryer.  The thought of having a washer/dryer with kids is a dream come true.  You can pack less.  You don’t have to worry about ice cream stains on their clothes either!  Kathryn was in love with the full-size kitchen. She rocked out nachos one night!  She also made coffee every morning.  I definitely brought the right girlfriend for this trip!

The food was also incredible.  The resort is placed on a boardwalk that many resorts get to enjoy.  I stayed at another resort in the area a few years ago and we went to the boardwalk often!  I, of course, went for the ice cream. ha!  Another great restaurant on the boardwalk was Flying Fish.  This place was FABULOUS!  I have to say the best part was the small portion sizes.  Often when I eat out there is so much food that I over indulge.  Not at this restaurant.

Ok. So now I’m hungry and want a soft bed to sleep in. WITHOUT kids! ha.

Ever been on a Girlfriend’s Getaway to Disney?  What tips do you have? Which resort was your favorite?

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