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Crafty Gifts for the Makers on your List

If your house has a few kids and is anything like mine, you have a gamer, and you have a maker. I’ve got one kid who I have to tear away from the screen, and another who just loves to be crafty. These are the gifts that #RealityMoms think are the hot 2018 gifts for the makers!

Crayola Crayon Melter

The low-heat tip and safe quick-dry technology makes the Crayon Melter a great tool for both kids and adults. You can doodle to create unique textured embellishments to a variety of surfaces including cardboard, glass, wood, ceramics and canvases. This tool is great for gift making, card making and DIY crafts.

Buttonbag Sewing Kits

Learning to knit or sew improves fine motor skills, hand-to-eye coordination, problem-solving and could even lay the groundwork for a life-long creative passion. Buttonbag craft kits for children open up a whole new world of creative learning. Designed in the UK, our craft and sewing kits have been developed to teach children time-tested crafting skills in a fun, fresh way. With bright, attractive designs, clear instructions and inspiring projects, buttonbag craft and sewing kits for children are the perfect alternative to screen time.

Renegade Made Random Acts of Flowers Kit

Renegade Made DIY Craft Kits for Kids are made to wreak happiness on unsuspecting strangers with anonymous acts of kindness. Each kit guides your child to create something fantastic that will bring joy to those in your neighborhood or town and inspire others to do the same! This kit contains everything you need to make a bouquet of a dozen dazzling paper flowers. The included hanging vase allows you to hang them anonymously to brighten someone’s day one flower at a time.

Maya Toys Cutie Stix Cut and Create Station

Use the Cutie Stix Cut and Create Station to create customizable jewelry, nail art, and fun figures out of colorful two-sided beads. Simply choose your Cutie Stix design, cut it, and core out the center to make fashionable beads for your bracelets or necklace.

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