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Equality vs. Equity: Teaching My Boys the Difference

An innocent dinner exchange helped my kids learn about issues much more complex than chicken wings. Equality and equity.

The Magical Age When Parenting Gets Easier

I’ve asked myself countless times over my 15 years of parenting, “When the bleep is this going to get easier?”

How I Got My Kids to Help Take Care of the Dogs

Our daughters’ love for the dogs continues to grow every day and so does their interest in helping to take care of them.

Volunteerism: How to Raise Your Kids to be the Helpers

When kids see their parents volunteering for various causes, they consider it the norm. We help people--it’s just what we do. We volunteer as a family.

Sometimes You Just Need Some Rainbows

I'll never forget when an adult in my life told me "rainbows are for sissies." I was a theater kid, remember? We WERE different.

20 Life Lessons I Want my Kids to Learn

As a psychologist, I often reflect on the things that make people happy (or rather, “content.” No one is actually “happy” all the time). Through my work I get glimpses into the things that matter—the behaviors and ways of thinking that lead to satisfaction, and those that lead to misery.  And...

How to Talk to Your Child About Death

What do you do when there is a death that directly impacts your child? A person or a pet that is physically part of their life?

Confession: I Don’t Want to be Mommy

Right now, today: I don’t want to be Mommy. I want this season to pass. I want to wake up on the other side of their childhood.
expensive arts degree

10 Ways My Expensive Arts Degree Prepared Me for Parenthood

My expensive arts degree from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts was money well spent - I learned a whole lot of stuff that helps me be an awesome mom.

Summer Survival Guide: Beach and Boardwalk

RealityMom Joey Fortman has found the best beach toys to make your trip to the beach or boardwalk a little more enjoyable with little ones!