Take your kids something they forgot, you are not teaching them responsibility. Help with homework, you are a Tiger Mom. Go overboard on a school project, you’re doing it to make yourself look good. Sign your kid up for too many activities, you’re going to stress them out. Continue Reading

When you watch 13 Reasons Why (it’s more detailed and different from the book), it will (hopefully) start a discussion about the tough topics with your teens. Whether they’re 13 or 18, they’re either going to be dealing with ALL of these issues or already have. Continue Reading

Good heavens. Are you seriously surviving your summer?! I decided to take the summer off (I mean, sort of.) I decided to bump down business and bump up motherhood. I came to the realization that my little has one year left before kindergarten and my oldest is close to theContinue Reading

The Internet is losing its mind over a recent Teen Vogue article about anal sex, with the crusade leader (a fellow parenting blogger) encouraging people to burn any copies of the magazine they can get their hands on, as well as request business owners to pull the publication from itsContinue Reading

Seriously can we set our kids’ pants on fire? That’s something they would remember right? It would make them second guess lying again, right? It all started 2 weeks ago when I noticed someone was in my bedroom—BEFORE CHRISTMAS! With all the presents in my closet I lost my mind.Continue Reading

I was in eighth grade when I overheard a group of boys discussing their female classmates in the library. I sat frozen in a cubby desk hidden from their view. I attempted to finish a make-up vocabulary test, but my focus disappeared as I listened to their words. “The newContinue Reading

being a good digital parent when your tween gets a smartphone

I’ve written a lot about digital parenting but I was still rather shocked when my daughter opened her first smartphone at Christmas and had a text from Santa’s Twerkshop. The unexpected issues and curveballs of digital parenting became apparent within literally the first five minutes of her possessing a device that essentiallyContinue Reading

diet with tweens

Earlier this year, I visited my doctor for my annual exam. My lab reports were stellar, but apparently, I put on a few pounds in my middle. According to her, I am in a healthy, normal weight range, but she advised me to be aware that since I am in myContinue Reading

Recently, my eleven year old daughter divulged her plans to attend college in Switzerland. Initially, the thought of this filled me with pride and excitement for her. Then, the mom in me roared her ugly head, reminding me that while I do a pretty decent job at mothering, I stillContinue Reading