If this “Yo-Yo Mom” has learned nothing else in this season of parenting, it’s that the return never lasts long enough. So I plan to relish our time together. I’m going to ignore the messes, deal with the erratic sleep schedule, and spend the time making his favorite meals.Continue Reading

summer scholarship motivation strategies

Summer to teens is like a free pass to forget school exists and indulge in beach days, sleeping in, and video gaming until their thumbs demand a rest. But for college-bound students, taking advantage of time off from school to work on college scholarship applications is just plain smart. StudentsContinue Reading

I don’t know when it happened. The impossibility of time passing in this quantity is unreal. I must have hit my head and gone unconscious for years. More than a decade for sure. My baby went to prom. My baby. My first born. My little, bitty, cute, glasses-wearing boy morphed into thisContinue Reading

“So is it worth it?” asks my colleague somewhat skeptically from across the cafeteria table. We’re sitting on bar stools—her— obliviously as someone would in their natural habitat, me—painfully aware of my status as a temporary bar stool sitter. I’m new and she doesn’t know much about me. I am,Continue Reading

graduation leaving the nest

Jonathan, my middle child, graduated from high school this month. Like millions of moms this graduation season, I wiped the tears from my eyes while scratching my head, wondering where the time had gone. He’s 6’3,” 190 pounds but it seems like yesterday he was climbing into my bed toContinue Reading