I recently heard a story about a photographer refusing to document a C-section birth, because they did not consider it to be an actual birth and worthy of documenting. The story broke out on Sanctimommy’s Facebook page who posted a screen shot of the photographer’s messages to the mom. #tmwContinue Reading

So, now that we’re married, Brian and I have been having the baby conversation. You know, because we’re not spring chickens or anything. Note: before we get things going here: I AM NOT PREGNANT. Okay good. Glad we got that out of the way. The conversation has kinda gone somethingContinue Reading

It really did happen. I have to remind myself sometimes that it was not just a story I heard—not a story that happened to somebody else. I really did start bleeding at 29 weeks pregnant. The words, “placental abruption” and “in case we have to deliver,” and my shaking sobsContinue Reading

the first time held my child

When most women hold their baby for the first time they experience a warm and fuzzy feeling. For me, it was a moment filled with hesitation and fear. When the doctor placed my son in my arms, I became not only a first-time mom, but I also became a specialContinue Reading

We have all been there – been THAT mom. The one who is a frazzled mess, throwing bags, and blankets, and kids into the car in a rush to get somewhere. Realizing you forgot something, running back inside, running back out, and maybe even running in again. You come outContinue Reading